Your Amazing Nail Polish Design Guide

A lot of people in the world today want to have fabulous nails in their hands and feet. Most don’t want to go to the parlor because of the traffic, and most have extra time to do the design for them. If you’re so antsy to do it, then the best thing you need to do first is to read this essential guide to give you some basic knowledge about applying nail polish to create fabulous nail polish designs.

Basic DIY tools

The first tool you’ll need is nail polish. They can be bought from any of your local beauty stores or parlors. What you need is a base coat, a topcoat, and the polish. The base coat will prevent the discoloration of your nail, which will definitely make your nail look awesome for a long time. On the other hand, topcoats should be quick-drying to save up time and make it more convenient.

The next one is the nail dotters. This tool will help you create dot as well as circle patterns for your own design of nails. Note that this type of tool comes in various sizes and shapes, so you better choose well. For starters, it is best to use the medium-sized ones. You can also make your own dotter by using bobby pins, which are cheap and very convenient to use as an alternative. Only use the round tips at the end, just like the dotters.

The next essential one is the nail strippers. They are usually flat and broad, which can be used for applying random flicks of color in your nails. White and black colors are the most commonly used for strippers. For starters, these colors can be a very good choice.

The last point that you will need is a stationery tape. With this tool, you can create super neat stripes as well as straight lines. If you don’t want to buy this tool, you can use scotch tape as an alternative. You can experiment to see if it will work. You can just cut the tape to the most desirable shape for your nail; just paste it on your nail to apply the nail polish over it.

Some useful tips

  • Pick the quick-dry nail polishes to save up on time.
  • When using stationery tape, cut it first hand to avoid smudging.
  • Put the tape only in the places where they can be easily removed.
  • To prevent messing up your nail, use tweezers in removing the stationery tape.
  • Messing up is inevitable, so if you do, do not try to start from scratch again. Just apply a touch up to the previous work to improve it.