Is Nail Primer the Same as Base Coat?

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There is a liquid having acids and alcohol present in it specially formulated for this procedure.
A nail primer is used to prime the nail when your nail is going to have a gel manicure. If you want your base coat to adhere to the nail, it is necessary to remove the grease and oil from the surface of your nail. There are different types of primers available. Some are acid-free whereas, some have acid in their formulation.

Its formula is very gentle which helps your nail polish to stick to your nail.

What is it & How does it work?

Those primers having acid as an ingredient work greatly for the nails having hormonal problems. For example, if you have a problematic nail surface, an acid primer can help the nail polish to stick to your nail. People usually ask, what is nail primer made of? A primer whether acid-free or acid primer contains molecules having hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends.

Now, you might be thinking about how a nail primer helps with adhesion. These molecules work like sticky ends of double-sided tape. One side of a primer attracts your nail whereas, the other side attracts any nail polish or gel. By using a primer and dehydrator, you can easily remove moisture from the surface of your nails.

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Nail primer vs base coat

Nail primers and base coats are used so that the nail polish lasts longer on the surface of your nails. Both these products have different ingredients and they work differently as compared to each other. As mentioned earlier, nail primers make the surface of your nails more adhesive so that the nail polish sticks better on them. Both non-acid and acid primers are the primers for acrylics as they help the gel or polish to stay on the surface of your nails. A primer acts like glue that covers your nails to hold the acrylics onto them. Before polishing your nails, if you coat a layer of primer on your nail’s surface, the acrylics get a better grip.

On the other hand, a base coat is applied to your nails so that the gel or polish lasts longer. Base coats have plasticizers that make them more flexible and they adhere better to your nail. It is clear from the name that a base coat is applied before having a coat of any nail polish or gel. Base coats promote healthier nails as they form a protective coat over your nails. This prevents your nails from any harmful chemical that is available in your nail polish or gel.

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Nail primer ingredients vs base coat ingredients

A nail primer has different ingredients that give it adhesive attributes. Different molecules have different roles to play when you have a coat of primer on the surface of your nails. Some molecules add adhesiveness whereas, some are responsible for a nice gentle fragrance.

Primers are generally of two types. Some are acid-free and some contain acid. The acid-free primers are very popular among women and they work as an efficient adhesive formula.

The nail primers that have acid in them are for problematic nail surfaces. It is a powerful substance that engraves the nail plate so that the nail polish sticks on your nail. Some people have sensitive nail surfaces and that is why these primers are manufactured to keep their nails secured from harmful chemicals. Although, the chemicals that are used in a primer are not harmful. They can be unsuitable for some skin types.

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Nail primer substitute vs base coat

Nail primer for acrylics is a great product that makes your nail surface ready for nail polish. Nail primer is produced by mixing alcohol and acetone. Instead of buying an expensive primer from the market, you can buy these chemicals separately and can mix them to make a cheap substitute for your nails, having the same effect.

These chemicals will help in removing oil and moisture from your nails. With a coat of these chemicals on your nails, the acrylics and gel will remain for a longer time on your nail’s surface.

How to Use these nail primer substitutes.

  • Apply a coat of alcohol on the surface of your nails by using a clean brush.
  • Alcohol has an evaporating nature, when the alcohol is evaporated from your nail now apply acetone onto your nail plates.
  • Acetone also has an evaporating nature, it will evaporate soon as well.
  • Now, your nails are dry and ready for the gel or polish you want to apply on them. So, start polishing your nails with the coat of your desired products.
  • Make sure that you do not use a cotton wipe to apply acetone or alcohol. Instead, use a nail polish brush.

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Benefits of nail primer vs base coat

Before applying a new product such as a gel or nail polish to your nail plates, make sure that there is no grease or oil on them. If you find this to be difficult then, make nail primers compulsory for your nails before applying any gel on them. Sometimes, your nails contain some amount of oil, moisture, or grease on their surface. When you apply a coat of primers then, all the elements like oil and grease are completely removed from the surface of the nails. The manicure your nails get after a nail primer treatment is long-lasting.

What amount of primer will be suitable for your nails? If you have oily nail beds, you might need a second coat of primer. If you have a normal nail bed, then one coat is good enough for you.

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Do you need a primer for gel nails?

If your nail polish or gel lasts longer than you think is good enough for you, there is no need for a primer. If your nails get colorless in a short time then, adding a primer to your routine can be a good choice.


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