What is a Nail Lacquer? [Nail Lacquer vs Nail Polish]

What is Nail Lacquer

Nail lacquer is a DIY nail system. It has colorful shades with unique and innovative names. It is a recent discovery and nowadays the top-selling item in the market. Nail lacquer gives a smooth and glossy finish to your nails.

Once applied your nails will shine for a minimum of 7 days at least. It gives a very neat and shiny effect to your nails. Besides adding thickness and shine to your nails, it is also good for your cuticles. It gets dry very easily and gives your hand a sleek look.

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Nail lacquer vs Nail polish

Nail lacquer is very much in demand and is more durable than nail polish. It is thick and can be peeled off very easily. As taking off nail polish is a proper task. You need nail polish remover for that. Nail lacquer has pigment and also has a solvent-based coating. To get a neat result and easy application, apply the paint with the help of a brush.

Nail lacquer dries very easily and is long-lasting. Nail lacquer protects your nails while nail polish is used for decorating your nails. Nail lacquer is thick in substance and nail polish is thin and flowy in substance. Nail polish gives an elegant look to your nails while nail lacquer gives you a unique and shiny look. Both of them have 100+ shades and you can choose whatever you want.

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Nail lacquer vs Gel

Gel nail lacquer is very much similar to nail polish as its gel coat is very hard. It gives a glossy look and shines while nail lacquer gives a sleek and elegant look to your nails. Gel nail polish lasts for almost 3 weeks while nail lacquer stays up to 7 days. Make sure when applying any of these your nails are washed and trimmed properly. After that rub the buffer on it so all the residue goes away. Then apply a nail primer and wait for 2 minutes to get it dry. Later you can either choose gel polish on nail lacquer from the shade card. It has more than 100 shades. You can easily choose whatever shade you want to choose or what goes with your outfit.

Once applied, put your hand under the LED light to get it dry quickly. Once done wipe your nails with a wet cloth so in case there’s any particle present it vanishes. All you can see is your pretty glossy nails.

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What is nail lacquer used for?

Nail lacquer is used to give a unique and trendy look to your nails. By applying nail lacquer you will feel a different vibe. It looks very decent and elegant.

How to use nail lacquer?

You can use nail lacquer in different ways but the best way to use it is as below. I hope it will help you out.

  • First, clean your nails and remove all the stains underneath your nails. In case you are or you were wearing fake nails make sure to clean them with acetone. After that, soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes. After that take a buffer and calmly buff your nails. After that again wash your hands to wipe away all the cuticles and particles from the nails. After that, clean your hands with a towel.
  • Then you will apply a base coat to your nails. It keeps all the yellowish spots and staining away from the nails. It also gives a smooth and sleek look to your nails. After that apply a single thin layer coat on your nails. Don’t apply a thick layer as it will take ages to dry. Once the base coat is applied, wait for 2 to 3 minutes to dry. You can also dry it with an air dryer.
  • After that, you are ready to apply nail lacquer. For that make sure not to shake the bottle. You can drag the bottle on your hands or rub it in between. If you shake it will form bubbles and when you will apply lacquer on your nails you will see bubbles on it. Start from the center and then apply on the side of the nails. If you face difficulty you can also use nail separators to keep it clean. If you don’t have a separator there’s no need to worry you can place cotton balls as well. After that wait for a couple of minutes to get it dry. After it’s dried you can see if another coat is needed or not. If it is necessary only then apply another coat otherwise you can leave it like this. After that wait for a couple of minutes and you are all set to go.
  • The coating helps in staying the lacquer long-lasting. If you want to remove the nail lacquer then take a cotton ball, dip it in the remover and simply apply it to your nails. It will easily get off. You don’t have to scratch or chip it off.

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Is nail lacquer a top coat?

Nail lacquer can be and cannot be a topcoat. All you need to make sure is what brand you are choosing. Try using high-end brands as their products are quite reliable and durable. For darker tones, you can only use the topcoat but for lighter tones, you have to do the double coating.

Explain nail lacquer antifungal?

Nail lacquer antifungal is very dangerous but if you treat it at the right time then there’s no need to worry at all. It occurs because of the overgrowth of fungus by not washing your nails properly. In case someone has a fungal infection and you are totally unaware of it and you shake hands with her you can easily catch it. If you use someone else nail lacquer and are totally unaware of her being affected by antifungal, you can simply get infected.

It is one of the major causes of antifungals. Make sure to keep your nail lacquers separate and not use them with anyone. If you soak your hands in warm water you will feel uncomfortable and the infection will get even worse.

So taking care of your nails is also very important. Also one of the other reasons can be that the tools you use are not disinfected properly. Make sure whenever you visit any spa ask them if their tools are disinfected properly. Using disinfected items can also cause antifungals in your nails. Make sure you sanitize all the tools before using them.

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