How To Rock Your Outfits With Western Belts

Western Belts

Trends are known to come and go. You do not necessarily need to always follow the trend just to be considered fashionable since you can come up with your own style. If you want to start a new trend or just jazz up your usual wardrobe then you can wear Western Belts that can actually go with any dress type or design. Western Belts come in different sizes, colors and designs that can surely spice up any boring outfit. Typical Western attire usually comes in bright colors such as red or turquoise but the style can also be muted with natural colors like black, brown and grey.

Typical Western inspired attire can be spruced up with belts that come in bold colors and even bedazzled with beautiful rhinestones. This kind of style will surely be a great embodiment of the glamorous old West which is seen in old movies. These amazing belts can give you an elegant look which will certainly make a good impression especially when you stand out in a party. Another way to add more glamour to your Western outfit is by using Western Belts that have unique buckles.

However, just like any fashion style; there is one rule that everyone has to follow and that is: Less is more. Never overdo things or you will end up looking like a Western outlaw who has gone awry. You can still create your own style but it is best to stick to the basics. Here are some tips that can help you get the best Western look:

Get the right size

Western Belts
This is a very important step and should be given much thought and attention. Know the right belt sizing before picking out one and remember that men and women’s belt sizes differ. Ask help from the store clerk and always fit the belt first before buying. A small belt will not give you enough room to clasp shut while a big belt will look sloppy and will just mess up the entire look.

Find the best jeans

Western Belts
Tight fitting jeans and a pretty Western belt is the best formula for that dainty Western girl look. Baggy and loose jeans will not be your best bet if you want to achieve a polished Western look. Find the right size but make sure that it is not too tight fitting that the jeans may just cut your circulation. The rule is to find a pair of jeans that will snug around the buttocks and waist area but pick one that is a boot cut style. Don’t go for flare or bell bottom type of jeans since you will not be able to get that Western look.

Find the right top

Western Belts
Western Belts are created and designed more for show and not really for its functionality. Wear a top that is the right length so people will still see your belt. Women can wear a plain white shirt or even sexy tank tops to show off their Western look. A floral design dress which is just above the knee can also be a great choice for that Western look. Don’t forget your cowboy boots!

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