Wella T14 vs T18 [Which is Better?]

So you have decided to tone your beautiful curls and you are considering which toner will work the best and give you the best results if you are new to this then you might struggle to find the top hair toner in the market which are available in many different shades and which one will be the best for you.

Many people suggest using this popular brand named Wella color which comes in Wella t14 and t18 but there are some things about them which make them unique and different from each other, in this article you will get answers to your every question which can help you in making a good selection. This article includes every kind of difference you might want to know between the T14 and T18.

Basic Differences

Previous information may not be enough for most people. Let’s go for more detailed differentiating between the toning of these products.

After applying

The results after applying Wella T14 will get you a beautiful pale blonde ashy color whereas the Wella T18 will get you the same ashy blonde color but much lighter. What this means is that T14 will get you a much lighter color than the T18, using the T14 will get you beautiful sharp silver color toning that you won’t be getting from the Wella T18.

Comparison Chart 2022

T14 T18
Platinum ash color/blonde Ash color/light color
Base in blue color Base in violet color
The shade of silver/ silver toning None of the silver toning
No undertone required Violet undertone

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Wella T14

T14 also known as the ash blonde color is the toner in liquid form that reacts with orange and goldish color and gets you a beautiful silver shade blonde color. The base liquid of the toner color is a mix-up of purple and bluish which provides it with the power of removing the flirtatious part of your hair that is bleached.

The procedure of making the mixture is to get water of up to 15 ml, as per the instruction mentioned on the box you are supposed to leave the mixture applied to your hair for up to 30 mins and you will get the best result especially for those who are wishing to get the best-toned ash color.

Wella T18

Talking about the Wella T18 which is a blonde color but in a very light state and it is a lot similar to T14, the liquid is a permanent toning liquid having ash color. This toner comes with the base color of violet or blue color which allows it to remove all the yellow toning which usually occurs after you get your hair bleached.

Many people who love this T18 make use of this toner to make their yellowish, wavy hair into a beautiful looking ashy blonde color, the method of the mixture is the same as the T14 15 ml of water and after applying the mixture to the hair wash them after 20 mins.

Color Difference

After using the Wella T18 since it has a base color of violet color it will get you beautiful shady purplish or violet color to your hair and strands. Talking about T14 which comes with a base color of bluish shade and will leave your hair with greyish or silver shade, not violet.

What is the most appropriate time of using these, you should be using the T14 if you want to get rid of the pale orange or gold color from your hair and want to get some pretty ashy color blonde hair and in case your hair has much weird-looking yellowish shade of hair and you are willing to get the hair of shade of light blonde hair?

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To eliminate the orange shade

What about using both of them, as we all know that T14 is used to eliminate the orange shade in your hair, and using the T18 will eliminate the yellowish shade from your hair, many users wonder whether they can use a mixture of both of them to eliminate both shades of yellow and orange from their hair which occurs after several bleaching sessions.


As per the usage you can use both of the mixtures together for eliminating both shades of color from your hair or different toning but keep this thing in mind that the experts don’t prefer doing this.  But in case you decide to do this then you need to be very careful while doing it, the quantity of developer you are using you need to be careful with it according to the quantity of the shade of your unwanted hair.

And after applying and rinsing it properly will get you to remove all the unwanted hair and a different pale ashy blonde color will be received.

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