Was Makeup Made for Guys? [History Explained]

Was Makeup Made for Guys

Makeup is becoming more gender-inclusive due to male beauty influencers such as Manny Gutierrez and Bretman.

To be fair to it, though: this concept isn’t new at all and the guys that wear makeup are called bad names and also not considered as men. Cosmetics are often associated with women, but this wasn’t always the case. The origin of makeup in the bible is also very well explained as Queen Victoria I of Great Britain considered cosmetics vulgar at the time, and the Church of England agreed. Cosmetics were demonized in Victorian England as “the Devil’s work” by the crown and church alike. As a result, many people associated makeup with conceit and vanity. Masculinity definitions became more limited as religious values spread around the world.

A century ago, makeup was considered a woman’s only activity, and who was makeup made for like was makeup originally made for guys

History of makeup

Was Makeup Made for Guys, different gender expression is finally being accepted by society today. However, society cannot move forward without taking stock of the past. Continue reading to learn about the history of male makeup and also we come to know that did a man invent makeup Makeup played a role in ancient Egyptian masculinity. The ancient Egyptians used black pigments to make cat eyes. Many centuries later, kohl eyeliner, green malachite eye shadow, red ochre lip, and cheek stain became popular.

18th century

In the Age of the Elizabethans, and around 18th century male makeup, During Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, men were vast fans of makeup, especially ghost-white powdered skin. It was also dangerously cakey and made with lead, causing severe health problems, including premature death. No one is surprised to learn that King Louis XVI was a cosmetics and hairstyle enthusiast. As a result of Louis’ balding at age 23, the French aristocracy became obsessed with wearing wigs. As well as wearing high heels and fur muffs, the male members of the royal court also adorned themselves with beauty marks.

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20th century

Male vanity wasn’t brought up again for a long time. Modern American filmmaking brought back hair and makeup for men. The second half of the 20th century was a time when male makeup was almost unheard of.” As far as “metrosexual” beauty is concerned, Clark Gable’s polished appearance may have been the first example of the term.” Kiss,” one of Prince’s most famous and funky songs, was a massive hit in 1986, according to Billboard magazine. Prince and David Bowie were among the few artists and rock ‘n’ rollers to receive it. Male makeup artists began their careers around this time, however, it remained unanswered that did a man invent makeup. Several male makeup artists began their careers in 1967, including Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucoin.

His brushes have graced the faces of nearly all of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Scott Barnes. And when we inquired as to whether or not he’d seen any changes in the makeup industry among men, Barnes responded with a gender-bending insight: “Male makeup artists have existed for a long time. Now more women than ever before work in the makeup industry.” We were introduced to the term “guyliner” as pop culture figures in the early to mid-2000s began to embrace past subcultures. As an example, consider Pete Wentz, Jared Leto, and Adam Lambert. Punk bands and their fans loved this style.

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Barnes’ vision

When it comes to makeup, some men are starting to use it more subtly as the rules of gender presentation become more flexible and on the other side, male cosmetics were also introduced Skincare is no longer a taboo subject. In addition to concealing blemishes, color cosmetics are also acceptable, such as some eyebrow gel or concealer on the affected area. Throughout Japanese history, makeup has been worn by young people without regard to gender, as an accessory, or as a way to express excitement or fun. In today’s society, wearing makeup does not necessarily imply femininity anymore.

The wearing of full-face makeup by boys with beards is also acceptable in today’s society. Gender-neutral ad campaigns are used by brands such as Milk Makeup to help denaturalize makeup as a women’s activity, And Barnes’ vision for the future is even more compelling. He says that there’s plenty of room for merchants and new brands now, noting that social media has played a significant role in the industry’s evolution. “It’s a lot easier to navigate”.

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Male cosmetics

For men who already invest in high-end skincare products, male cosmetics collection, like many others from major fashion houses, does not require a significant psychological shift. As part of Tom Ford’s grooming line, Estée Lauder manufactures products such as bronzing gel and concealer, as well as an eyebrow definer and gel comb. “Boy Tested, Girl Approved” by Marc Jacobs follows a similar format. “L’Homme” was printed on the grey packaging of the YSL concealer Touche Éclat, which has become a cult favorite. If you’re a man interested in cosmetics, Touche Éclat is a great place to start.

Making makeup masculine by using gunmetal packaging or Zippo-style dispensers isn’t a thing in the Asia Pacific. Amore Pacific, the country’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, has sold thousands of men’s mirror compacts under the brand name IOPE. Even though we may try to avoid using effeminacy in the West, it is never mentioned in Korea. Because the market is free of gender politics, men’s makeup is flourishing in APAC. Or maybe Gen Z isn’t as progressive as we thought it would be.

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