T Gel vs T Sal [Which is Better?]

Tsal vs Tgel seborrheic dermatitis is vividly discussed here. For your outlook, hair is the crucial part you should style perfectly. Having healthy hair is crucial in order to style your hair well. Now, you need not worry about your hair. Today the market possesses better options for your hair, offering growth, shine, volume, strength, odor, etc. Neutrogena is also a well-known brand of hair products. A comprehensive line of incredible hair products is introduced by it. Hair washing has a major role to play in hair care. It is not easy to choose the right hair shampoo for your particular hair type. T Gel and T Sal are the favorite shampoos introduced by the brand. But is t sal the same as t gel? The response is no. 

Neutrogena t sal vs. t gel shampoo provides you with the complete depth of how both shampoos work. Their key features, full usage instructions, composition, and hair treatment are presented here for your thorough understanding. 

Comparison Chart

Features T Gel T Sal
Composition Coal Tar Salicylic Acid
Usage For treatment of severe psoriasis For treatment of dandruff and troubled scalp
function Helps in rooted scrub of the scalp, lessens flake accumulation It helps in preventing hair loss, declines the overabundance of skin cells
strength More strength Less strength
Key role Dandruff treatment Dandruff treatment

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Neutrogena T Gel

The T Gel introduced by Neutrogena consists of Coal Tar as an active ingredient and works perfectly for scalp containing excessive dandruff and itching issues. The medicine is typically synthesized to treat a hair scalp disease known as psoriasis. For your information, psoriasis is a skin disease that, in its chronic stages, leads to red itchy patches on various parts of the skin, more commonly on the scalp causing great trouble and itchiness. In everyday language, the condition is also termed scalp acne. 

In addition to the 1% Coal Tar in its composition, we see the Amber formula of the product helps in the deep cleansing of the scalp. Which further helps the scalp to nourish and lessens dandruff. After going through the t gel vs. tsal Reddit, we see the product is also beneficial for making your hair smooth and soft.

Does T Gel work?

To use Neutrogena T Gel, follow these steps. 

  • Wet your hair. 
  • Drop the product on your hair. 
  • Massage the T Gel on your scalp thoroughly. 
  • Leave the product for 5-8 mins. 
  • Wash afterward. 

Neutrogena T Sal

Neutrogena T Sal consists of Salicylic acid, which is its active ingredient. Salicylic acid is medically proven to be effective against getting rid of dandruff flakes at the scalp. Because of that, T salt was specially designed for that purpose. The T gel might appear to be the same. So now it is clear that both are different as far as active ingredients are concerned. And most importantly, we see that t sal helps break down the scalp crusts. 

How to use Neutrogena T Sal?

Can you use Neutrogena t sal every day? So, it will be safe to use the product twice a week or as per the dermatologist’s instructions. The proper method of application of T Sal is:

  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water. 
  • Apply T Sal on the hair. 
  • Massage gently. 
  • Leave the product for 5 minutes. 
  • Rinse with lukewarm water. 
  • Massage with gentle fingers. 

And the response of how long it takes for Neutrogena t gel to work will automatically be answered. Salicylic acid, however, works perfectly if it is applied once a week on the scalp. Dermatologists often recommend using tsal twice a week. You will see the results after 4-5 weeks of application. 


After using these two hair products, we have seen that customers are more likely to share feedback and share the following features of the hair that improved afterward. We have shared those with you as well. 

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Scalp improvement

These products assist in repairing the damage to the scalp and improving its overall health. T Gal helps explicitly in removing dead skin cells from the scalp. Dandruff often damages the scalp and irritates. T Sal helps to get rid of that irritation.

Enhanced Growth

We see the consumers recommend the Neutrogena T gel and T sal to improve hair growth. In case of hair loss or diminished growth, the formula enhances the growth of hair and adds volume to the hair. So we can say that apart from the difference between tsal and tgel or t/sal vs. t/gel, extra strength both work diligently if the hair growth is concerned.

Increased softness

t/sal vs. t/gel extra strength provides a detailed analysis of the function of both the shampoos to the hair. Hair becomes softer after its application. Neutrogena has designed the tgel or tsal for psoriasis shampoo to help treat the scalp. Additionally, they make the hair softer and stronger while treating the scalp.

Add shine

Due to everyday surroundings and daily pollution. Like other body parts, the hair also loses its shine. Moreover, if you wash your hair, it frequently damages them. That’s why hair is the sensitive part. T gel is seen to be effective in regaining the shine of your hair. What is the recommended duration of use for Neutrogena t gel? It was mentioned earlier that try to use the products once or twice a week for better results, especially if you are concerned with regaining the shine. 


Whether Tsal or Tgel is better. So far, it has been concluded that if you are dealing with seborrheic dermatitis, the Neutrogena t gel and t sal will help you in the treatment. Sulfur-based compounds help treat the scalp cracks, while beta dihydroxy acid-based compounds help treat that pores and help regain the scales on the scalp. Therefore, we see if you are concerned about whether tsal or tgel is better, so both are efficient. 

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