Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings for Every Occasion and Attire!

sterling silver hoop earrings for women

Silver jewelry adds elegance and class to any outfit.  The fine white shimmer of silver, no matter whether paired with a dinner dress, for a party outfit or for formal attire, always adds that extra edge that takes the whole outfit to a new level. Unlike gold, silver is attractive without standing out.  It manages to blend a quality of platinum – like richness with a subtle, understated grace that makes it an ideal choice for jewelry and a must have in every woman’s accessories collection! And the fact that it is a cheaper metal than both gold and platinum, while also without compromising on the grandeur in look and style, makes silver the best purchase that any woman can make in jewelry. Read on to know about the popular Silver jewelry types and why Sterling Silver is the ideal choice for your jewelry set!

Why Sterling Silver is the best Silver Alloy

Silver, like most precious metals, is actually too soft and malleable to be ideal for being wrought into jewelry, as it can get bent out of shape too easily.The best idea to get the highest quality of silver wrought into the strongest jewelry is – Sterling Silver! Sterling Silver is a silver alloy which comes out of mixing the molten silver with other common hardy metals such as Copper.  The highest quality of Sterling Silver contains Silver and Copper in the ratio of 12 : 1. That is, the best Sterling Silver Jewelry, which is both the purest quality of Silver and is also extremely tough and long lasting, contains about 92% of Silver, and the remaining of Copper metal. With this ideal combination, your Sterling Silver Jewelry, such as say, Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, will retain their intricate shape and will be durable, while also not losing the unique luster of Silver!

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings are currently very much in style and Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings add class and richness to any outfit! Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings come in a variety of designs. Some of them contain purely Sterling Silver, and are intricately wrought, bent and designed beautiful pieces of workmanship. Another common design choice seen in Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings is embedding precious and semi precious stones in them to give them that extra added attraction. Agate, Sapphire and Rubies are the most recurring choices that you find in Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings.  Another popular model is the Sterling Silver Zirconium Earrings. Blending of gold and silver is also a popular choice for higher priced and high class earring choices.  The Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, which are interwoven with gold thin metal filigree designs, are absolutely beautiful and something that will spruce up even the blandest of outfits!

How to take care of your Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver, even in the tougher form of Sterling Silver, is still liable to damage by harsh chemical agents such as Ammonium, Chlorinated pool water, or the daily cleaning bleaches. Ensure that you always place your Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings in velvet lined soft pouches to prevent any unwanted marks or scratching on your earrings. Also, since silver undergoes natural oxidation on long exposure, always ensure to gently buff your Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings every time after long use, to maintain is beautiful lustrous sheen for years!

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