Popular Styles of Square Engagement Rings

Square Engagement Rings

When you have finally met “the one,” you want to make your proposal very special. You want to surprise her by confessing your love to the whole people around you how much you care and love for that girl. And a better way to ask her is by giving her an engagement ring.

An engagement ring isn’t just mere jewelry. It is a sign that you are ready to face a new chapter of your life—marriage. And a better way to flaunt it is by getting the best square engagement rings. They are the most popular style of ring. They usually have a diamond so everyone will see that you are already engaged. Square engagement rings have different styles. Some of the most popular styles are as follows:

Elegant Price Cut

This is the most popular cut of diamond, especially for engagement rings. This cut was created by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar. This style gives versatility and is cheaper than those round cuts.

Enchanting Emerald Diamond

Another style that you should look out for is the enchanting emerald diamond ring. This piece of jewelry is very unique as it has a huge open table across the top. It even has a steep cut on its pavilion. The design of this ring gives a hall-of-mirrors effect throughout the stone. People who will see this elegant engagement ring will give a second look once they see it on your finger.

Comeback Asscher Cut


This cut was firstly introduced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers. The comeback Asscher cut is just like the square-cut emerald. The only difference is the facets and the table. Its facets are quite bigger than the emeralds, but the table is a little bit smaller. The table of this ring gives more brilliance than the emerald ones. The corners of the Asscher cut to give an octagonal look. But when the ring is mounted, the stone will look square.

True Radiance

This cut embodies its name. Its diamond looks bright and vibrant which actually looks good in every cut. This style uses a brilliant-cut facet design on the pavilion and the crown of the stone. This design is a perfect choice due to its versatility. It matches every outfit that your fiancée will wear.

Unique and Antique Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is the oldest and the most popular choice for a ring. It has been around for almost 200 years and its popularity still increases. The diamond of this ring has an indefinite look that is kind of hard to define. This ring is quite price and it can only be found in antique shops. If you want to give it to your future wife, then you should look for antique jewelry stores that sell this fancy piece of jewelry.

These are the styles of engagement rings that you can choose from. Whatever you choose, your girlfriend will truly love the ring that you will give as it comes from the man whom he really loves.

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