Selecting The Right Nail Color

You may have heard the saying that your hands look will determine the class you belong to. This might be true during old age. Women who belonged in hierarchies were the only ones who had beautiful and polished nails, while those who belonged to lower classes had dirty hands and nails. But this situation isn’t applicable any longer.

Women from different walks of life can now have beautiful and elegant nails, thanks to the manufacturers of manicure products. There are numerous brands of nail enamel that you can choose from, which makes it even harder for you to buy the perfect nail color. If you want to get the right shade of nail polish, there are certain things that you must consider. This article will guide in choosing the right nail shade.

How to Choose the Right Color of Nail Polish

There are two main things that you must consider: season and skin complexion. If you want to know how to select the perfect nail varnish, then you have to do the following tips:

  • For Season. There are four seasons in a year. You need to choose a color according to the season that you have right now. For spring and summer seasons, bright colors are the perfect shades that you need to put on your nails. Some of the nail paints that you may apply are bright pastel, cotton candy and flowers.

As per fall and winter seasons, colors with earthy natural shades and darker undertones are the ones that you should apply on your fingers and toenails.

  • For Skin Complexion. There are two kinds of skin complexions. It would be best if you considered your skin tone as there are some colors that don’t complement the color of your skin. If you have fair skin tone, you need to choose a shade that has a blue base. Shades that have blue bases are berry colors. Examples of berry shades are cranberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

Dark complexions complement blue bases, but it will still depend on how dark your skin is. For medium skin tones, darker tints, burgundies, and wine shades are the best for you. They have a mixture of both yellow and blue bases, which matches medium skin pigments.

If your skin texture is like an olive, get nail paints that have darker yellow bases. Colors like brown, gold, orange and orange-red are the ones that have this base.

Skins that are darker than olives should wear vibrant colors like deep red and solid plum shades.

Those are just some of the crucial points that you should consider when selecting the appropriate nail pigment. But you must not forget your style and taste if you want to be more attractive.