What Nail Polish Colors Should You Get? Complete Guide

You may have heard the saying that your hands look will determine the class you belong to.

This might be true during old age. Women who belonged in hierarchies were the only ones who had beautiful and polished nails, while those who belonged to the lower classes had dirty hands and nails. But this situation isn’t applicable any longer.

Women from different walks of life can now have beautiful and elegant nails, thanks to the manufacturers of manicure products.

There are numerous brands of nail enamel that you can choose from, which makes it even harder for you to buy the perfect nail color.

If you want to get the right shade of nail polish, there are certain things that you must consider. This article will guide in choosing the right nail shade.

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How to Choose the Right Color of Nail Polish

There are two main things that you must consider: season and skin complexion. If you want to know how to select the perfect nail varnish, then you have to do the following tips:

  • For Season. There are four seasons in a year. You need to choose a color according to the season that you have right now. For spring and summer seasons, bright colors are the perfect shades that you need to put on your nails.
  • Some of the nail paints that you may apply are bright pastel, cotton candy, and flowers.

As per the fall and winter seasons, colors with earthy natural shades and darker undertones are the ones that you should apply to your fingers and toenails.

  • For Skin Complexion. There are two kinds of skin complexions. It would be best if you considered your skin tone as there are some colors that don’t complement the color of your skin. If you have a fair skin tone, you need to choose a shade that has a blue base. Shades that have blue bases are berry colors. Examples of berry shades are cranberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

Dark complexions complement blue bases, but it will still depend on how dark your skin is. For medium skin tones, darker tints, burgundies, and wine shades are the best for you. They have a mixture of both yellow and blue bases, which matches medium skin pigments.

If your skin texture is like an olive, get nail paints that have darker yellow bases. Colors like brown, gold, orange, and orange-red are the ones that have this base.

Skins that are darker than olives should wear vibrant colors like deep red and solid plum shades.

Those are just some of the crucial points that you should consider when selecting the appropriate nail pigment. But you must not forget your style and taste if you want to be more attractive.

Nail polish is used to decorate your nails. There are various kinds of nail polish like gel polish or peel etc. It is made up of nitrocellulose and ethyl. These are the most important ingredients in making nail polish as nitro gives a shiny effect and ethyl evaporate. 

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Nail polish colors: 

Most people paint their nails according to their outfits. There are 100 different shades or nails. You can easily choose your shade according to your skin tone.

If you have a light and warm skin tone then go for warm colors like red, peach, pink. If you choose cool colors then go for mint or blood-red or shimmery colors.

It will look cool and everyone will ask for your shade. If you choose a dark shade go for purple, black, or violet.

If you want to opt for light to medium brown then make sure to choose neutral colors like gold and different shades of brown. 

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OPI color names: 

OPI nail polishes are one of the top-selling in the entire world. It has a huge collection of every color. If you are purchasing a red color nail polish.

You will get to see almost 15 different tones of red. If you are not a huge fan of putting nail polishes that’s okay. But I bet you that once your purchase OPI nail polish you will start liking it.

OPI shades:

 Here’s a Complete list of OPI colors that can help you select your favorite one. 

Bubble Bath:

This bubble bath shade has a collection of neutral nude colors. This demure shade is the hottest selling from the brand OPI. 

Big Apple Red:

This red shade is one of the most iconic shades of the brand. You can easily put it on when you wear red or black clothes. It will give a vibrant effect to your nails and your personality as well. 

Tickle My France-y:

This tickle shade is the most loved. You will see so many celebrities wearing this shade. Although the name seems a bit naughty its tone and fragrance are superb. 

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Alpine Snow:

This alpine snow color is mostly used in winter. During winters this is the most wanted from this brand OPI. People usually wear it on date nights, on Christmas eve, or in winter dinners. 

Princesses Rule:

This pink princess color is very unique. Once you wear it people will definitely ask for the shade. You will feel super excited while wearing it because you will surely be the center of attention. It also has a glittery effect which is perfect for lighter skin tones. You wear this and you will no less feel like a princess. 

You Don’t Know Jacques:

People who want some neutral shade and a bit of an innovative style should choose this shade. This is an iconic shade not everyone wears. This shade suits very less people who have an interest in the darkest shades. 

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around:

 You can easily wear this color for a month. It is long-lasting and doesn’t chip off. The quality of OPI nail polishes is very reliable. This shade is a mixture of pink and gray. Lighter skin tones can wear it easily. You can wear light color dresses and can easily flaunt your nails at a party. 

Black Onyx:

This black onyx color looks very classy and elegant. You can wear it with any outfit and you will slay. This shade is the top most selling item from the brand throughout the year. 

Malaga Wine:

This wine color is made of 2 shades and has a glittery effect. Once you choose this shade you are never going to buy from any other brand. This hue is perfect for any kind of event and skin tone. 

Cajun Shrimp:

People are a huge fan of this hue that they want it to tattoo on their nails. This shade is very unique and you won’t find it on any other brand. This is a unique staple from the brand OPI. It’s a mixture of coral and blood red. It looks very decent when you apply.

OPI gel nail polish colors: 

Gel nail polish usually lasts for up to 2 weeks at least. It doesn’t chip off and gives a shiny effect throughout. When you have to take it off you have to soak your nails in warm water for 20 minutes. Through this process, your nails will get soft and you will easily remove the gel nail polish from your nails with the help of the remover. Make sure to apply only 2 coats of gel nail color because if you will apply more coats taking it off will be a huge struggle. 

I’m Really an Actress:

This shade I’m really an actress will give you a diva look. You will look like a queen. You will steal all the limelight of the show once you will hold a glass of wine in your hand having glittery and shimmery nails. It dries very quickly and can easily last up to 2 weeks. There are 200 red shades and this one is the hot selling item from the brand of OPI. If you want the full detailed guide then Read the Best Brands of Nail Polish.

Rated Pea-G:

This shade is a mixture of green and turquoise. People when they go to purchase nail polish they check this color for sure. This is very unique so people choose this so they look unique at their party. It is specifically designed in the USA. Actresses and bloggers are a huge fan of this. They usually apply these colors when they have their model shoot. 

Lincoln Park After Dark:

This Lincoln park after dark is a combination of purple and violet shade. Once applied last for 3 weeks. You can easily dry it while putting your hand under LED light. This shade is usually worn in evening functions. It gives a very tempting and sexy look. You can soak your nails in warm water and it will easily come off. You will feel your fingers are very lightweight as it has a very smooth and stunning effect. 

Bee-hind the Scenes:

This nail polish is of yellow color. It gives a vibrant effect once worn. You can easily wear it at a beach party or a girls friends day out. Before applying this apply a coat of transparent nail paint to give it a  refreshing effect. It also stays up to 2 weeks. 

15 Minutes of Flame:

This nail polish name is very innovative which is why it gets a lot of attention. This shade is a mixture of 3 different pink shades. Once applied it gives your hand a very soft and gentle look. You can easily flaunt your nails at any event. People will surely be a fan of your collection. This is the only shade that will last up to 7 days only as it has a different kind of liquor added in it.  

Hollywood & Vibe:

This Hollywood and Vibe nail polish is of light pink color. This pink color nail polish is specially designed for lighter skin tones. It gives a very sophisticated effect once worn. It is also made in the USA. This pink shade is very famous as no other brand has a similar shade to this. OPI has very unique and versatile shades which no other brand has. 

Emmy, have you seen Oscar?

This shade is the most top-selling from this brand. This is a pure red color that can slay out with any outfit. You will surely look confident and classy when you wear this color. It will give you great vibes. You will be the center of attention. It will last up to 7 days. Make sure before taking it off soak your hands in warm water for 20 minutes. It will make sure nails look fresh and light. 

Award for Best Nails goes to…:

This award for the best nails goes to hue is of blue color. Usually, people wear blue nail polish and it doesn’t suit them.

But if you apply this shade then I can guarantee all eyes will be on you. Most Hollywood actresses have once worn this gel nail polish.

They have recommended this shade to their followers as well. OPI had to restock this shade after every 6 months as it’s the most liked blue shade. It stays up to 7 days. This shade is specially designed in the USA. 

Suzi Calls the Paparazzi:

This pink shade is very elegant. Once you wear it you will look very different. During photography, you can flaunt your nails easily and once you see your pictures your nails will be the most focused. This color is specially designed for teenagers.

As they like to wear it on their college events to have a unique look. This stays up to 14 days. Make sure to apply only 2 coats so when you take it off you don’t have to face any issue with it.

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