Sexy ripped jeans for a fashionably rugged look

ripped jeans for women

Women’s style changes with every season, however there are a few things that almost never go out of fashion. Pea coats, sexy leather jackets, and ripped jeans are the interchangeable pieces of clothing that can make any normal outfit look spectacular. Why ripped jeans for women

you ask? It’s not only because they’re featured in almost every fashion magazine as being what’s “trendy” this season, it’s because they’re unique, sexy, and give you an more rugged look.

Let’s face it, a snug pair of jeans looks great on any body shape. Whether you’re stick thin, carrying around a little extra weight, or anywhere in between, nothing can flatter your figure more than some form fitting denim jeans. Granted, every woman has her favorite style of jeans – be it the loose fitting boyfriend jeans, the tight jeggings, or the classic boot cut – but the best part is that regardless of what style you prefer, sassy rips, tears and snags in your jeans will look great.

Great for all social occasions

While work attire should generally maintain a professional appearance, ripped jeans are suitable for almost any other social occasion. From casual drinks with friends, to lunch meetings with family, there is no outfit that can’t be accented by some ripped jeans.

Take a night out, for instance. Grab a sexy pair of ripped jean jeggings, a lacy top, and some matching heels with a jacket and you’re good to go! On the flip side, pop on some comfy flats, a matching jeans jacket, and some ripped jeans and you’re set to meet anyone out for a shopping date or for lunch!

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Recycling old jeans

A huge fad among the trendy yet penny pinching women is to visit second hand clothing stores. It’s at these stores where there are an endless number of jeans simply waiting to be reused. True, some may have stains, some may already be ripped; however each one of those second hand jeans can easily be transformed into a unique and custom ripped piece that has that fits you perfectly. Additionally, those who want to experiment a bit more with second hand jeans will find that it’s so easy to create cropped pants and denim shorts with the rugged looking rips and tears.

A timeless look

Ripped jeans have been cool since the seventies, and will maintain their place in fashion trends for many more years. Whether you go buy that sexy pair of ripped jeans at your local shop, or you create your own unique pair from a second hand set of jeans, you’re adding a timeless piece of clothing into your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with almost any outfit!

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