Rihannas Fashion That You Would Probably Love

Rihannas Fashion

Who would not love Rihannas fashion? Record artist and pop culture star Rihanna has made a name for herself in the fashion scene as bold dresser with various scopes of fashion statement. She is often caught by paparazzi wearing avant-garde fashions like wearing a very bright maxi dress, casuals in stripe, denim overalls and white pumps. She is also known for her wild style, whatever she wears looks cool on her. Everything about her is quite adorable from head dresses, handbags, dresses, shirts, make up, hair and nails are perfectly perfect!

Want to steal Rihannas Fashion? Want to dress like Riri and pull it off?

Rihannas Fashion got a lot of styles so you have a variety of options to pull off her style depending on your mood and personality. You can try any of these;

Edgy Look

– If you want Rihanna’s edgy look go and wear some killer heels, pumps or stilettos, dresses with animal skin prints, snakeskin or leopard, you can also try bright colours such as purple, lavender or red, cropped top is also a do showing your cute tattoos at your hip. Wear fishnet stockings, leather pants, strappy sandals or metal studded pumps. Smokey eye makeup is perfect for this style, the fiercer the better!

Sweet Teen

– This is commonly known as the “fashion for teen” because it looks cute and sexy all at a time. If you want to try this look, you need to prepare your wardrobe. You need to wear converse or Chuck Taylor low cut sneakers, baggy or boyfriend jeans, cropped top either short, long or no sleeves with sequin or glitters or anything that sparkles and avoid too much pink and purple. You can wear tight tops if you are not comfortable shoeing your belly, wear medium make up with black eyeliner, bronze eye shadows and mauve lipstick. Bear in mind that you need to look adorable and sexy all at the same time!

Sporty Look

– She can go out with her casual style more of sporty and she really rocks it too! Wear a jersey, sexy sweats or track shorts and pair with Nike high top shoes. You can also wear a loose shirt paired with leggings and to add elegance wear old earrings or necklace.

Sun Kissed Summer

– Rihanna comes from Barbados and every summer there are lots of photographs of her showing her gorgeous bikini in the beaches of Barbados. She is really proud of her body and wears string bikinis, small cups bikinis, and bikini that can show off her beautiful figure. She wears bikini in pale blue, pinks and purples. To add style to her look she wears simple tank top with minimal make up you can put sun kissed bronzer or blush if you want.

Play with Denim

– Some would find it hard to pair anything in loose denim jeans but not for Rihanna. You just need to pair it with a cropped top and a pair of Chuck Taylor, you can also put on a jacket over jumpsuits and cotton dresses.

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