Non-Toxic Nail Art For Kids

Kids are very fond of colors and glittery designs in all of their things, especially girls. Girls aging from three to ten years of age want their clothes and other fashion accessories colorful. It is normal for parents to see their kids playing with stickers, powders, and even colored pens.

Non-Toxic nail paints for kids

You will normally see your kids placing stickers, colored pens, and powder all over their bodies as if it was part of them. Colored pens are usually used as a nail polish for their nails, which gives the nail polish companies an idea to make one for kids that are harmless or not poisonous.

Nail polishes are made in the early years to be used by the royal family. It is used to protect the nail plate on the toenails and fingernails. During 3000 BC, nail paints are made with:

  • Egg whites
  • Beeswax
  • Vegetable dyes
  • Gum Arabic
  • Gelatin

As time pass by, the manufacturing of these paints were formulated to enhance its ability to stay on the nails for a longer time and avoid breakage. Thus, action needs chemicals that are toxic, such as plasticizers, thickening agents, and other adhesives. However, the need for these polishes for the kids was raised, and the toxic component must be eliminated.

Creative design for your kid’s nails

Many companies are now making nail art for kids for fashion purposes or gifts. It is recommended to give kids this kind of toy to explore their creativity. By giving them these kinds of toys, they will be able to enhance a lot of their ability.

When applying paints to your nails, you will need to have exceptional skills in the coordination of your eye and hand. By purchasing these kinds of toys or fashionable accessories for your kids, you will be able to help them practice this skill and have the best result.

One of the most known names when it comes to nail art manufacturers for children is the creativity for kids. Their products are non-toxic and does not the strong odor that a common nail polish possesses. They have various colors in one pack. The package also includes instructions on how you can apply the product effectively. Design ideas are also included in the box for better practice.

Glitter nail art from creativity for kids makes the art experience for your young girls amazing. It makes them feel pretty and princess-like. Glitter makes a big difference in all things. It makes a thing shiny and noticeable, which is applicable for nails. It makes your nails look shiny, classy, and pretty. Be sure to purchase only non-hazardous nail arts for your kids to avoid.