Guidelines before Undergoing to Mink Eyelashes Extension Treatment

Mink Eyelashes Extension

Mink eyelashes extension seems to be very popular as a signature of being classy and stylish. Some would say that it is worth the fuss because you’ll surely love the results. Mink eyelashes extension can make you look amazing because it gives your eyes a superior fluffy but natural look.

Mink eyelashes are made by machines they are made of real hair to make it look more natural, it appears as real and there’s no way for someone to find out that it isn’t. Lash addicts would do mink treatment regularly but some only undergo when there is a special occasion and they last for three to four weeks but others can stretch it to 5-6 weeks.

I understand you want to rock like Katy Perry and Beyonce by going through this procedure but before going to the salon consider these things. Mink eyelashes extension includes the process of heating and gluing so you must be very considerate before deciding to undergo the procedure.

Mink, Silk and Synthetic

What is the most common type of eyelashes extension? Basically, there are three types of eyelashes extensions: the mink, silk and the synthetic.

Silk eyelashes extension is made from synthetic materials that are formed to be like a natural lash, thick at the bottom and thinner on tip it is put one by one using bonding agent such as glue.

Synthetic eyelashes extension is made from sturdiest acrylic material. It is glossier and shinier than mink.

Mink eyelashes extensions are known to be the lightest and softest in texture of all the types it is the closest texture of our natural eyelashes.

How long does the treatment take place?

The process depends on your package, if you are about to consider full set of eyelashes, meaning putting eyelashes on top and bottom it normally takes 2 to 3 hours. You can also consider the half set of lashes because it is more economical. Experts would decide the volume and length of the mink after assessing your natural eyelashes.

For safety purposes and to avoid any irritation on your eyes, you will be requested to close your eyes during the process. They have specialized glue such as formaldehyde that is designed for this kind of procedure. Specialists and experts are well trained on applying adhesive lashes so you don’t need to worry. You also need to identify the difference between infection and allergy reaction, so you know how to treat your eyes in case these scenarios would occur.

During the application, you must be very sensitive and alert. If you feel the sensation of heat or burning in your eyes it is better to tell the experts immediately either way this process is painless.

Mink lashes will give you 100 % natural look it will make your eyes appear bolder, sexier and chic. Eyelashes extension treatments are becoming more and more popular, from models, celebrities to normal girls like us. It is not bad to try something new, if you think that it can boost your self confidence and inner aura but be sure to consider your safety first.