Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox [Which is Better?]

Colour dyes are always attractive for women of all ages. 2021 came with the colored hair trends, and we have seen that stains were common in direction. 2022 so far is also following the trend. There are various myths also attached to dyeing hair. On Reddit, you might come across various reviews about brands of color hair dyes. Manic panic vs. arctic fox Reddit gives us a detailed analysis of how the two brands compete with each other in the market. 

Manic panic

Manic panic is a well-known brand and offers environmentally friendly and vegan-free products. There is a wide range of colors available in the dyes. So you can wear any color of your choice confidently. As far as hair care is concerned, the brand offers sulfur-free products to lessen the damage caused by artificial dyes. Manic panic is a USA-based company with 41years of expertise in the industry. 

Arctic fox

USA-based company Arctic fox also offers hair dyes that are vegan or cruelty-free, but the brand adds the feature of conditioner, which enhances its competency. If we compare manic panic vs. arctic fox overtone, we will see that arctic fox offers more color variety and the hair color lasts longer than the manic panic. 

Comparison Chart

Features Manic panic  Arctic fox 
Duration of color Semi-permanent  Semi-permanent but lasts longer. 
Vegan free Yes Yes
Ammonia No No
Cost Fl oz: $-13.99 Fl oz:$13.99
Range of colors Narrow  Wide

By comparing both brands, we have seen that both brands are semi-permanent color dyes. Both are USA-based. The Arctic fox has a wide range of colors than manic panic. However, the manic panic, having selected a range of colors, is a readily available niche market and e-commerce websites. The time duration of manic panic vs. arctic fox red. Somehow, depending upon your frequency of washing hair, we can say arctic fox lasts longer than manic panic.

Both color dyes come with a tube, bleach, application brush, and hand gloves to protect hands. The quantity of the product varies by the capacity of the product you order. The market brand offers various liquid accommodations and the price rise with the rise in the quantity of the product. Manic panic vs arctic fox blue provides the blue hair dye and is efficient in quick hair dyeing. The bleach also cuts down the original hair color so that the dyed color can be visible easily. 

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Shipping and delivery

Arctic fox purple rain vs. manic panic, both are readily available in the market. Still, we see the arctic fox is readily available over the counter. In contrast, manic panic has expanded its market to the e-commerce websites as well they are readily available on Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and other online websites.

In comparison, arctic-fox is not available on online websites. However, in the United States, it is readily available. Lime crime vs. manic panic vs. arctic fox Delivery time and fees depend on the website through which you source. Manic panic’s delivery fee is much higher than the arctic fox, so that’s why we see if you are concerned with instant delivery and lower costs, you need to order an arctic fix. 

Customer reviews

Customers mainly belong to the gender female; however, dyeing hair is not limited to females. So consumers buy arctic fox more than manic panic. Regarding hair color consistency, as arctic fact lasts more prolonged, more customers buy arctic fox. The squeezed bottle offered by both brands helps users apply the dye effectively. We have also observed that in comparison to manic panic vs. arctic fox black the arctic fox has a pleasant fragrance compared to manic panic.

And due to their added conditioner facility, the tables of buying ratio turns towards the arctic fox. 

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Market value 

Arctic fox purple rain vs. manic panic both are trendy in the market. But we have seen that more votes go towards the arctic fox. The brand’s name relies on the value of the products that it offers. No doubt both the products are environmentally friendly, but the primary factor in purchasing the market is the cost of the product. So we can say that manic panic is an expensive lack in the market trend.


So, manic panic vs. arctic fox vs. overtone can be concluded that arctic fox is a better choice for customers than manic panic. Based on both quantity and quality, the arctic fox is preferred. Arctic fox, therefore, is preferred more than manic panic. 

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