‘You, my brown eyed girl’- Pamper your brown eyes to woo with a wink!

makeup ideas for brown eyes

‘Blue Eyes’ has been metaphorically used to personify beauty, woman or lover in literature, songs and movies. But, with changing, times, the usage of ‘brown eyes’ has found its way into songs or poems, usually to depict a male. But, many artists have shed this mindset and have used ‘brown eyes’ to address a woman too. And, why not? Why should ‘blue eyes’ be considered beautiful or enchanting. Brown eyes can be equally beautiful, considering the fact that it is the commonest eye color.

Many opine that brown eyes mean a confident, independent, loving and caring personality. Can you really define a personality based on eye color? Guess not. I feel it is the sparkle and depth in your eyes, which convey the message about someone’s personality.

Women love to glamorize their eyes because ‘they’ speak and say a lot. And eye makeup is one of the most difficult things when you are getting ready for a party or a wedding or any occasion, even regular office. You can’t just do without a proper eyeliner and eyeshadow to match your attire and of course, your personality. You can really stand out in the crowd with a proper, powerful rather impactful eye makeup, which makes your ‘eyes’ beautiful and your ‘look’, confident.

Eye makeup should compliment your skin color and also the occasion, especially the time of the occasion and at times can also be made to match the color of your dress. But, it is not always important to use a matching eye shadow.

– It should be simple and subtle in the morning and afternoons, while it can be a bit jazzy, if you are planning to hit a party or attend a wedding.

– However, for a casual dinner or dates, you can keep a simple yet elegant look.

– For regular office or Corporate functions, eye makeup should be professional and not too loud.

– Eye makeup should not be too dark or should not be blaring to conceal or hide the beauty of your brown eyes.

– You should have the right tools for your eye makeup, if you are very meticulous about it. Keep your eye makeup kit update according to your likes and preferences.

We are sharing some of the best and unique makeup ideas for brown eyes to make attractive and enticing:

makeup ideas for brown eyesCobalt Contrast: Experts say that contrasting eye shadows really ‘bring out’ those beautiful eyes perfectly. They feel since brown is a combination of primary colors, a tint of electric blue or cobalt would be a great way to highlight your brown eyes.

Green Garnish: Brown is a universal color, so different shades easily blend with it, giving it a nice look. A nice touch-up with a greenish gold shadow on the top will be a nice ornamentation for your brown eyes.

Gold Glitters: Gold? Are you serious? Well, yes I am. Gold eye shadow can really give a nice metallic luster to your eyes and it goes well with your brown eyes. But, please check when it would be a suitable time to use those golden undertones.

Best of Blue: A navy blue shadow and liner  is one of the best choices for creating nice contour for any occasion, even at daytime. It can be used  instead of black, which might make your eyes a bit more acute. Blue rather gives a contrasting composition.

Copper Color: Neutral colors look good on brown eyes. With a common base, try a touch of copper eye shadow for an added glittering texture or a matte finish on the upper halves. It would give a shimmering look with an elegant gaze.

Mascara Matters: Your eyelashes are an integral part of your eye, which need equal attention. You can go for a purple shade with hazel tones, which not only enhances the brown iris, but also makes the white portion brighter. The different tones of brown eyes make it easier to create a contrast.

Finally, a word of advice, do not overdo your eye makeup and in case you are finding it difficult to decide, you can always get it done by an expert, when you have an important function to attend. You would never want to mess it up, right? Modern day eye makeup tips are quite different from the age old ones, so don’t shy away from trying something new to highlight those beautiful, brown eyes of yours.

When Van Morrison sang, ‘my brown eyed girl’, thousand hearts melted. He beautifully used brown eyes to denote his lover in this song. So, ladies out there, don’t wait to flatter your brown eyes with fantastic colors and shades to make a mark for yourself.

Pick and choose the right shades to turn on the magic of your eyes and kill (I mean, attract) with that spark!