Tips and Guide for Perfect Lips Makeup

How To Use A Lip Liner

How To Use A Lip Liner

Always use a lip liner. This helps to define your lips. Go in for a neutral lip liner or in other words, lip liners close your lip color. Outline your lips carefully with the liner giving them perfect shape. To get the look of fuller lips use a dark shade of lip liner to outline your lips. The shade of your liner must be darker than the shade of your lip gloss or lipstick.

To Apply Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is very much in demand these days as it is very user friendly and comes in very handy during times of emergency. Lip gloss comes in various forms, maybe in tubes or pots or sticks. And as the name suggests, lip gloss gives your lips that long needed shine and gloss. Nowadays people prefer wearing only lip gloss to get shiny lips. But this shine would look better if you applied your lip gloss over a neutral shade of lip stick, i.e. lip stick of your lip color. First apply the neutral shade of lip stick and then apply the lip gloss only towards the center of your lips. Now just press your lips together to get the natural shine and luscious look on your lips. Lip gloss also comes in flavored and scented forms if you like it that way! But it is always necessary to remember that an overdose of lip gloss could end up making your lips look very overdone and messy. So remember the little, the better!

Lip Stick Tricks

Lip sticks have always stood by women as the most used products in any occasion. Lip sticks come in many different forms the three most popular being frosty, matte and creme.

Matte lip stick provides your lips with rich color without any shine. So try going in for a matte lip stick with moisturizing effects for long lasting color. Matte makes your lips appear dry, this being the only disadvantage for those requiring glossy glam lips. But on the other hand, the upside of mate lip stick is that it provides long lasting effects since it is dry.

Creme lipsticks are the most commonly used type of lip sticks. They are preferably suitable more for mature women although they can be used by any age group. These lip sticks come in soft creamy dewy colors and look very subtle yet sexy. These lip sticks also last for long. But it is always advisable to use these creme lip sticks over lips that have been coated with a primer or a concealer for better effects.

Frosty lip sticks are a great choice for the evening. They have extra shining pigments that reflect the light and thus the effect brings a world of shimmer to your lips. But always try a frosty lip stick before the actual make-up as this type of lip stick does not suit everyone most of the time.


The best way to apply lip stick is to first use a lip liner and then fill your lips entirely with your liner (for this purpose use a lip filling brush). The liner can most preferably be of neutral or lip color depending on the type of occasion you prefer to wear it for.

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