Keratin vs Olaplex [Which is Better?]

Two prominent hair repair and strength conditioning products are Olaplex and Keratin. They aren’t miraculous cures for damaged hair, but they do aid in the development of strong, attractive hair. They’re both used to prevent hair breakage and reverse heat and chemical damage. When dying or relaxing your hair, your hairdresser will most likely propose one of these. They shield your tresses from injury and deterioration. Both of these products work differently with different objectives.


Doctors Craig Hawker and Eric Pressly, two famous chemists, created Olaplex, a bond-repairing hair conditioner. The product contains scientifically proven chemicals that search out and re-link damaged hair connections. On a molecular level, the principal active component functions. It looks for disulfide connections that have been disrupted due to thermal, mechanical, or chemical damage. It strengthens and protects your hair by repairing the connections. Olaplex therapy is divided into three stages: No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. The first salon step is Olaplex No.1.

The substances start mending damaged hair and preventing future breakage right away. The second phase is Olaplex No.2. It completes the work of No. 1, fixing any leftover damaged connections and fortifying your hair even more.


Keratin is a nutrient therapy that has been used to condition hair for a long time. It strengthens hair, similar to Olaplex, reducing breakage and regenerating damaged hair.. While Olaplex strengthens molecular links on the inside of the hair, Keratin strengthens molecular bonds on the outside. Keratin covers your hair shafts, strengthening them and reducing breakage when sealed in with a flat iron.

In comparison to Olaplex, Keratin has a more visible cosmetic improvement on hair. It gives hair a shinier and glossier appearance. It can also aid in the creation of more natural-looking curls and tresses.

Comparison Chart 2022

Hair repairing therapy Nutrient therapy
It’s used in 3 stages 1 stage use
Mechanically and chemically produced Chemically produced
Reduces hair loss Reduces hair loss and brings you curls

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When you should be using the Olaplex

Olaplex is advised when you require extra strengthening power due to its penetrating nature. Olaplex, for example, might help your hair if it’s been significantly damaged by over-styling. The conditioner takes a more aggressive approach, penetrating deep into the hair to restore damaged molecular links. However, as I stated at the outset, none of these conditioners are magic cures. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do anything to your hair and then undo it with a few Olaplex treatments at the salon. Hair that has been severely damaged may require additional attention. Olaplex can assist you with getting started. For people who color their hair, Olaplex is also highly recommended. Ask your hairstylist to apply the conditioner during the dying process rather than afterward. The therapy is frequently combined with hair color.

It preserves your hair, preventing weakening tresses and breakage while you move to a different color. Olaplex can also help preserve your hair from the stress of bleaching if you decide to remove the color.

When you should be using the Keratin

Keratin is indicated for hair that is somewhat damaged. You don’t need a deep-penetrating conditioner to restore hair strength if your hair isn’t over-styled and you’re only having minor breaks. A keratin treatment on your tresses should be enough. To effectively recover your hair, the hairdresser may prescribe numerous treatments spread out over several months. If you want to eliminate humidity, straighten your hair, or make your spirals look more natural, keratin is an excellent option. In general, Keratin is preferable when it comes to improving the appearance of your hair. Keratin-treated hair is frequently glossier and more vibrant. It has a pop star appearance.

Keratin is frequently used in combination with Olaplex. The interior of your hair is treated with Olaplex, while the exterior is treated with Keratin.

How to apply Keratin

As I previously stated, the application of these goods is vastly different. Keratin application is easier because it may be done in the bath or with a mask. The most effective application, in my opinion, is with heat and in a salon. Your hairdresser will apply the product, then dry it with a hairdryer before sealing it with a straightening iron. This last step provides enough heat to allow for the restructuring of the hair fiber. You should repeat the treatment once every three months to achieve the best results. Finally, I advise against dyeing or bleaching your hair right after using keratin. Always wait at least 15 days before making a decision. You may boost the treatment’s results by using keratin-rich shampoo and conditioner. Now let’s look at how to apply Olaplex to severely damaged hair.

How to apply Olaplex

There are three bottles in the Olaplex treatment: Olaplex 1, 2, and 3. Both of these treatments are used in the salon to restore hair that has been damaged by a bleaching or coloring treatment, allowing for molecular restructuration to take place. I recommend that when you go to the salon for an Olaplex treatment, you tell your stylist if you want to bleach or color your hair afterward.

The reason for it?

Because you’ll be easy to blend Olaplex with both the bleaching or dye in this manner, as it’s difficult to conduct the Olaplex treatment first and then bleach or color your hair because the Olaplex effect would be lost. So you have two options: you may use Olaplex just for hair restoration, or you can use it to minimize damage during a bleaching or coloring procedure.

  • Olaplex three is the third stage of therapy, which you should continue at home for two weeks in order for the medicine to have its full impact.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that all Olaplex treatments are performed using distilled water, which means that you shouldn’t wash your hair with normal water since it may affect the treatment’s impact.
  • Finally, Olaplex should be used once or twice a month to restore your hair from root to tip.

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