Keracolor vs Overtone [Which is Better?]

These are some top brand hair dyes that are available in the market. You might be confused about which hair dye to buy so you might want to know some important differences between them before you buy them. This article contains the best information you would need so that you can know which hair dye will be best for your hair and what result you would come up with.


Keracolor is the optimal option if you want a long-lasting hair color that allows you to change the tone every time the particles wash off. Notwithstanding the pigments’ intensity, the color will fade after 15 washes. Undertone is the ideal option if you don’t have much expertise with fantasy hair dyes. Simply pick the color you want, follow the manufacturer’s directions, and you’ll have your desired hue. It’s also the greatest solution if you have dark hair and don’t want to bleach it to get a fantasy tone. Keracolor’s application is a little more complicated, and I’ll go over it in more detail later.

As you’ve seen, these are little distinctions, but they can have a significant impact on your hair dyeing experience. Both businesses, however, began with the same theory: semi-permanent hair care products. Overtone is more well-known since it revolutionized the market for fantasy colors. Keracolor, on the other hand, is one of the most popular internet brands. Another significant distinction is that Keracolor is a blonde hair conditioner with no additional alternatives, whereas Overtone sells hair dyes, color conditioners, and toners. As a result, you may select the choice that best fits your beauty regimen.

Beyond the distinctions, you’ll be capable of choosing if Overtone or Keracolor is the best fantasy hair color for you. Let’s examine the distinctions more closely. Overtone is solely accessible on its website, but Keracolor is widely available on the web and in specialist stores.

Since we live in a very advanced world, as a result when it comes time to purchase a product the internet helps by making things not harder. You go online, go through a few pages, and two days later, a product from China comes to your doorstep. That may be a significant benefit. Keracolor can be easily brought from any of the markets or even through online stores. If you can obtain it at specialized stores, you’ll be able to ask the salespeople questions. They typically have a wealth of knowledge regarding the items they offer.

Comparison Chart

Hair washer  Hair Washer and conditioner
Color fading strength weakens after 10 wash Color fading strength weakens after 10-15 washes
Best fantasy hair color Best for fantasy hair color
Available in many colors Available in some color

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The majority of online retailers also provide a live chat feature. However, I’m old school and like to speak with a live person when I have issues or questions. However, this isn’t the most significant distinction between Keracolor and Overtone. It’s merely a drop in the bucket. Overtone includes a palette of 40 various tones, including a particular line for dark hair that doesn’t require the previous bleaching. Keracolor contains 18 colors. When it comes to dreaming colors, we want to pick our favorite shade. As a result, the larger the color spectrum, the better. Up to 40 long-lasting hues are available from Overtone. They also come in brighter and deeper shades. For instance, a deep purple or a pastel purple.

Teal, light pink, platinum, and violet are among the 19 long-lasting colors available from Keracolor. That’s not all, though. If you desire a brighter or deeper hue, keep it on your hair for longer or shorter periods. This leads to another point of differentiation. Keracolor is harder to apply than oVertone since the color intensity is determined by the hair dye’s exposure period. Overtone, on the other hand, ensures the color from the minute you purchase it.

My advice is to start playing with Overtone if you don’t have much expertise with fantasy colors. Because the color you pick will be the one you can wear in your hair at the end of the day. What exactly do I mean?

Application’s resemblance

I’ll get to it, but before that, let’s check the application’s resemblance.

Both mixtures should be put on with the same time interval

  • Brush your hair into four parts and secure them with pins.
  • With the gloves up, immediately apply the hair products from the front, using a hair color brush to assist you.


This is when things start to just get Intriguing.

  • Shutter speed for overtone hues is only 20 minutes
  • If you pick Keracolor, their spectrum will be determined by how much you keep it on your head. The color will begin to be extremely colorful and bright as the prolonged exposure lengthens.



  • For pink color, wash rinse your hair 15 mins after applying the mixture
  • For the blue color of your choice rinse your hair after 10 mins of applying 
  • If you want a beautiful shade of lavish blue then you would have to leave it on for 30 mins
  • If you love green shades on your hair then you may have to leave it on your head for 30 mins


As a result, if you have little expertise, the color you receive may be random. Now, when it comes to color upkeep, both products are identical. Because they aren’t semi-permanent hair colors, you’ll have to apply them every time you wash your hair. They’re a hair Conditioner that enhances color and hydration. What you will  have to do to maintain the vibrancy of the color

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo in the shower to wash your hair.
  • Apply the color shampoo to your hair and allow it on for 3–5 minutes.
  • Rinse your head thoroughly with the lukewarm water

Overtone hair colors are made up of very resistant pigments, and some colors may require bleaching to remove. Keracolor, on the other hand, although being created with powerful colors, fades with washes.

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