How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair – 2 Best Methods

How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair

How to naturally lighten your hair? That is one of the most common question of many people out there especially that they would like to have a lighter hair that could give a very fresh look and style in their face. But, going in the salon would be too expensive so most people would just simply want to make use of few products they have in the house and be assured on the process they are going to do.

There could be a number of methods that you can consider on how to naturally lighten your hair but there are only two methods that are being used by a lot of people. If you are interested to know more about it then this could be the best place for you.
The two methods below could be the answer you have been looking for on how to naturally lighten your hair. Feel free to read and know more about it.

Method # 1: Using Lemon Juice

First, you can make use of the lemon juice to easily lighten up your hair. For better idea, make sure to follow the different steps below:

Make the lemon juice solution. Cut and squeeze a number of lemons in a bowl, add water and put it in a spray bottle. Make sure to
shake it up in order to be assured that it is well mixed already.

Make your hair wet. You can have a short shower and towel up your hair afterwards. Just make sure that it is damp but not really dripping wet. It would be ideal if you are also going to avoid using shampoos or any other hair care products as you shower earlier.

Get started in spraying the solution all over your hair. If you want to have a really light hair then it would be ideal for you to spray more kind of this solution to achieve your goal.

Afterwards, stay in the sun for about 15 minutes and rinse it out in the shower later on.

Method # 2: Using Olive Oil and Honey

Second, you can also use the combination of the olive oil and honey. Just mix the same amount of it together in order to make the solution you need. After that, you may follow the steps below:

Make sure that your hair is already wet and you did not use any hair care products on it.

Apply the mixture that you have made all over your wet hair. It would be ideal if you are going to do it per section of your hair as you would not want to end up having problems with it later on.

You can spend at least 45 minutes while the mixture is still in your hair for it to be fully effective.

Start rinsing your hair and make sure to check if the mixture has been successfully removed from it.

Dry it out and see the changes on your hair.

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