Know How to Contour your Face

How to Contour your Face

Face can be in different shapes; oval face shape also known as “perfection pedestal” because it is not so sharp and not so angular, square face shape is the most common it isn’t narrow from the cheekbone to the forehead and from the cheekbone to the jaw line.
Triangle or pear shape is most narrow on the forehead and widest at the jaw line, heart or inverted triangle is wide at the forehead and more slender at the jaw line. Oblong face shape is rectangular same qualities as the square but it is longer and narrower; you know you’re a diamond face shape if your forehead is narrow and so as your jaw line. The art of contouring is a makeup technique made famous by models and celebrities.

Contouring is creating a dramatic effect on face to lighten and darken some parts to sculpt the face in a more pleasing way. It is a combination of two techniques such as highlighting and contouring to make your face appear lovely, you must know how to contour your face.

Here is your Guideline on Highlighting and Contouring

Know your face shape

– As mentioned above there are many face shapes. To determine your face shape you can stand in front of the mirror draw you face shape on the surface of the mirror make sure the light is coming overhead to make natural contour and shadows. Know where your face is widest and narrowest; identify the shape of your forehead and jaw. You can also use tape measure to measure the length and width of your face in precise measurement.


– You must know how to contour your face. You can use highlighting and contouring products in any forms; cream or powder, but if you want to make it more natural go for powder. Pick matte highlighter with reflective gold, you can add dimension by using taupe or chocolate colours because it is closest to our natural skin. Begin by contouring the side of your forehead in triangular shape.

Contour your cheeks by hollowing it in a triangular shape, the widest part of the triangle should be in the apple of your cheeks extend into your hairline. Contour you’re the underside of your jaw in a triangular shape also the bottom part of the triangle should land on the ear towards the chin. Contour your nose in creating hollow in the side of your nose bridge to make it thinner.


– Highlight your forehead using a highlighting cream, the highlight should be the vice versa of the contour it should be in triangular shape and above eyebrow. Highlight your cheek; begin below your eyes until the apple of your cheeks. Highlight your chin, draw triangular from the lower lip to the chin the base should land on the bottom lip.


– Blending is the trick for perfect facial contouring. You can use sponge or brush, blend in circular motion until no harsh lines are visible, blend until you find it sculpted and defined well.

Facial contouring is perfect to create a dramatic effect on your face. It can accentuate and emphasize your assets and hide your facial flaws. You must identify your shape and know how to contour your face.

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