How to Blend Contour Makeup? [Beginner Guide 2022]

Blending contours is a big game. But before blending you need to make sure that you have a fine quality brush set. For choosing a contour brush you need to select brushes having normal strands rather than synthetic fibers. Organic and natural fibers are softer and increasingly effective. They have genuine hair. The mildest and most costly fibers are produced using blue squirrel hair. The blended shape makes it simpler to control the use of makeup. Dirty makeup brushes can cause a wide range of issues from causing a sloppy application making breakouts from the developed bacteria.

You can begin your collection with the important brushes for regular makeup application.

How to Blend Contour for Beginner:

Contour for beginners is the biggest rave. There are multiple tricks for blending contour makeup. But for beginners when you contour make sure to have a cream-based foundation with you. Always choose the shade lighter to your skin tone for contouring. Initially, you need to brush all the fine lines. Make sure to get a natural look. For beginners, you can use a brush to blend the contour and for pros, they can easily use a beauty blender for contouring. Few people are unaware of how to blend contour with a brush. Basically, contour brushes make a big difference in making use of your make-up.

However, with a foundation or concealer brush, a powder brush, a blending brush, and an edge brush your assortment is finished and you are more than prepared to make any look you want. The Contour makeup kit for beginners is very economical and easy to use. It will teach you how to blend contour makeup. It has powder contour, highlighter, and cream contour. Use the brush to contour your face and make it look slim. The brands which offer contour makeup kits for beginners are Too Faced, Tarte, Wet and Wild, and Luscious. If you are a beginner then you can choose from any of these four brands.

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Steps to do contouring 

Contouring makes you look younger and makes your face look slim. Here is a guide on how to blend contour makeup step by step. Also, it will explain How to blend contour and highlight. 

  • Step 1: Make sure to always do cleansing before starting your makeup. Once you have washed, apply primer. It will make your skin fresh and flawless. 
  • Step 2: Apply foundation one-tone lighter to your skin. You can apply foundation with a brush or a sponge whatever is suitable according to your skin. Make sure you cover all the dark circles and discoloration properly. 
  • Step 3: First, take a darker shade and apply it underneath your cheekbone. Join in between from both the jaw liners. You can contour your nose and forehead too. Apply it properly with the brush. 
  • Step 4: Apply a highlighter on the area which you want to make prominent. You can apply it to your eyes, cheekbones, nose, and chin. 
  • Step 5: Make sure you do all the contouring with a fluffy brush. Once done apply a setting powder to get a flawless and sleek look. 

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Contour Stick & Contouring an oval face

If you want to use a contour stick make sure you find a shade that perfectly suits you. As uneven colors will make your skin cakey and grayish. Here the question arises of how to blend contour makeup. Well, don’t worry we have it all. When you open the contour stick make sure to use the darker shade of the stick on your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

Then twist and use the highlighter side and apply it on the cheeks and near the eye. Once done use a beauty blender to blend it properly so no lines are visible and it easily gets absorbed in your skin. How to contour an oval face with a round jawline and contouring an oval face is very simple because you have to apply blush on your apple cheeks. After that, for an oval face, you only have to do contouring on your cheekbones. It will enhance your look and will make you look elegant and chic. 

Blend powder contour foundation and contour

Makeup brushes are one of your most significant beauty tools, so you need to get the best. Be that as it may, would it be advisable for you to look for natural or synthetic makeup brushes? The appropriate response is both, depending on the way you plan to apply them. The way to take full advantage of your makeup brush collection is to know what each type of brush does fine. The correct brush sets can drastically improve the way foundation melts and dissolves into the skin.

How to blend contour makeup is not difficult at all. For blending powder contour makeup, foundation and contour you need to use synthetic brushes. For blending powder contour makeup you should choose the perfect brush and blend it as much as you can. Keep bleeding unless you get even skin. In case you see some patches on your skin you don’t need to worry about it. All you need to do is take a brush and apply a thin layer of foundation. Then take a beauty blender and blend it properly. Once blending is done you can start contouring on it. Draw the proper chin and jawline and blend it properly. Once all blending is done you can apply a translation powder to give it a glowy look. 

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Why is contouring important? 

Contouring enhances your facial features and balances your complexion according to your skin tone. It changes the shape of your face and makes you look slim and younger. By contouring your face will look more appreciable. For a big face, you have to contour and it will look slimmer and thinner. If you do contouring on your nose it will look defined in shape.

In addition, contouring near your eyes will make your eyes look big and wide. This sculpts your face to your liking since it defines your jawline. People don’t contour daily but it can surely be done if you have to attend a party or have to go to a wedding.

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