How to Bleach Jeans – Complete Guide

How To Bleach Jeans

Being fashionable does come with a price; however, it does not say that it has to come with a very high one.

Trends are repeating every now and then and the good news is that there are trendy things that you could wear which are just really remakes from your closet.

There are many instructions for this: how to turn an old shirt into a tank top or dress, how to change your pants into shorts, and how to get bleached jeans.

If you want to know how to bleach jeans, here are some of the things that you should do.

Mix up a bleach dilution

If your laundry your pants, you will notice that removing stains using bleach has its cost: it gets way easier to be penetrated to. Hence, we try to soften the effect with water. This also applies when you are bleaching a pair of jeans.

Set up your workplace

Make sure that it is in a place wherein you could dispel whatever fumes the process will entail. Make sure that there are also no plants or other animals that will be affected by the solution once you throw it out immediately.

Also, when learning how to bleach jeans, it is wise to protect yourself with a pair of gloves as the bleach might damage your skin.

If you have wounds, the said agent might aggravate the situation and might reopen the already clotted part of your wounds.

Wet the jeans

Dampening the jeans before the actual bleaching process is a sure way to make the process more efficient.

This is because the bleach will be able to work into the thick fabric easier.

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Apply the bleach

There are several reasons for applying it; depending on the look that you are trying to achieve. Here are some of the most recommended techniques when learning how to bleach jeans:

Using a sponge to dab. This might be good if you want a lesser effect of the bleach. This is also great if you only want specific parts of the jeans to be changed in terms of their colors.

Using an old toothbrush. This is good for achieving a splattered effect. Use the old toothbrush and then pull your thumb along the bristles.

Find an old paintbrush. This works in a similar way as a sponge, only in greater effect. You could also achieve a brushed effect. You could also use this to achieve other patterns such as circular ones and other abstract designs.

Using an old eyedropper. This is great if you want to achieve a polka dot look.

Using a spray bottle. This is great if you want to create more specific designs as you could print the designs and cut them out then use a spray brush to get the shape.

Work it one at a time

This means that you could only work on one of the four: front left, right, or back. Make sure you carefully follow these instructions for better results.

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