Difference Between Fanola No Yellow VS No Orange [2023]

With the popularity of hair dye among people, whether men or women, the formulas of hair care products and shampoos have changed. No matter what color you want on your hair, your hairstylist has you all covered, but the problem arises when you maintain colored or dyed hair. Fanola no yellow and no orange are the products that come into the picture in such cases. You can look through fanola no orange before and after to determine the difference that it might have on your dyed hair.

If you want to take care of your freshly colored hair, ensuring it is washed efficiently and is moisturized, and the color is protected, Fanola shampoos are the best for this purpose. For your convenience, we have put together a complete guide for you to avoid confusion about which shampoo to use. Therefore, if you are wondering should I use fanola, no yellow or no orange, dig into the comprehensive guide mentioned below.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Before starting with the similarities and differences of both shampoos, let’s discuss them separately, determining their formula and type. The Fanola no orange shampoo is a highly potent shampoo that helps deal with dry hair. It also enables you to get rid of unwanted orange, and red tones as the hair color deteriorate. A high-quality toning and hydrating shampoo is not only the demand for blonde hair but is also a necessity for darker shades of colored hair. Your hair requires a certain amount of TLC that helps retain its moisture and prevents it from drying out. 

Providing an honest fanola no orange shampoo review, it is to state that this is an excellent toning shampoo. It contains blue pigments that wash your hair gently, getting rid of any impurities along with the unwanted red tones that come with the hair dye. It is a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo with coconut extracts and botanical oils; it protects color-treated hair and enhances the color. This shampoo also darkens the grey hair by blending them within normal hair. This shampoo hydrates and nourishes darker shaded hair by making them more silky and smooth. Moreover, it balances the pH levels and brings warmer shades to the hair, canceling the orange and red tones. You can see by going through the fanola no orange shampoo before and after.

Fanola No Yellow VS No Orange Comparison 2022

Features  Fanola No Yellow  Fanola No Orange
Hair tone Lighter hair  Darker hair 
Color pigments Violet pigments Blue pigments
Works for Unwanted yellow tones Unwanted orange tones
Grey Coverage  Good  Good
Shampoo type Toning  Toning and hydrating 

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

 Fanola no yellow shampoo is a purple shampoo. This shampoo is ideal for blonde hair or lightened light blonde hair. This is also one of the toning shampoos produced by Fanola. It consists of high violet pigments that enable you to eliminate any yellow tones in your hair. Removing the undesirable yellow tones from the hair creates more silver and ash tones in the blonde hair that are lush and shiny. Therefore, if you have lighter-colored hair, whether natural or dyed, it is time to try this shampoo. You will be happy to go through fanola no yellow shampoo reviews, as you will see it has benefited many people just like you.

Fanola no yellow shampoo is a relatively concentrated formula that comprises elastic proteins and amino acids. This excellent formula not only helps get rid of the yellow tones in your hair but also replenishes and strengthens your hair. With this effective formula, you will see an evident change in the elasticity of your hair against breakage. Use this shampoo formula a few times and see the practical difference for yourself. It helps keep your hair vibrant and shiny. Moreover, it is entirely cruelty-free and organically and ethically sourced shampoo that leaves your hair as nourished as ever with no more yellow tones. Fanola no yellow mask is also pretty helpful in treating blonde hair.

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 Before getting started with the differences between both shampoos, let’s discuss some of their similarities first;

Toning Shampoos

Both of these shampoos are toning shampoos.

Ideal for Dyed Hair

They give dyed or colored hair a brighter and fresher look. 

Drier Hair

As both of these shampoos can leave your hair a little dry, you will have to use a mask afterward. Therefore, if you want an opinion on fanola no orange mask vs. shampoo, you must know that both go hand in hand if you want healthier and shiny hair.

Differences between Fanola No Orange and No Yellow

You might not know that before, but once you dye your hair for the first time, you will surely realize that dyed hair needs more maintenance than normal hair. Whether you step out in the sun regularly or wash your hair frequently, you will have to take care of your hair color, or it will get damaged in no time. Both of these shampoos are ideal for dyed hair.

You can get fanola no orange shampoo amazon without any inconvenience, and you can also get through the reviews there. Let’s discuss some of their differences;

Different Colors

One of the significant differences between these shampoos is the color difference. The no orange shampoos are blue, while the no yellow shampoo is purple, as you might be already aware of the fact that the colors present on the opposite sides of a color wheel tend to cancel out each other.

Thus, the no orange shampoo deals with the red and orange tones while no yellow shampoo deals with the yellow or lighter tones. If you wonder whether fanola no yellow works on orange, you must know that it will most certainly not.

Tone of Hair

By this time, you might already know that if you have dyed your hair blonde or any lighter shade like white, platinum, or silver, the no-yellow shampoo might be the one for you. While if you have dark-colored hair like dark blondes, browns, and reddish tones, you might consider using a no orange shampoo. Therefore, can you mix fanola with no yellow and no orange if you are confused? You shouldn’t do it.


In conclusion, choose the fanola shampoo wisely so that you can get the optimum results on your colored hair. Also, don’t forget to nourish your hair with a mask afterward for better results. Still, if you are confused about should I use fanola, no yellow or no orange, you can always take advice from a professional.

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