The 7 Most Surprisingly Gorgeous Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes

eyeshadow for green eyes

Wondering what colors would complement your beautiful green eyes? Look no further. The list below contains our favorite eyeshadow for green eyes. We looked through the color wheel, we observed all the green eyed celebrities, we compared shade by shade, and came up with this list of must have eyeshadow colors for green eyes. Adding just a touch of these shades above and around your green eyes will make your face go from gorgeous to stunning within seconds.

7. Peach

Peach eyeshadow and green eyes is a match made in heaven. Applying just a tad of peach eyeshadow above your eye will make your green eyes pop, making you look fresh and lively. Wearing this combo to work can brighten up your appearance and help you look rejuvenated.

6. Smoky Silver

Going for a smoky, dark look that packs a punch? Try adding some smoky silver eyeshadow to your green eyes. We recommend keeping the eyeshadow thin around your eyelids and corners. This look will help you look chic which makes this style perfect for a night out on the town.

5. Purple

Almost every single purple, from lavender to deep magenta, goes perfectly with green eyes. The relation goes all the way back to the color wheel. Green’s complementary color is red, which means anything with a little bit of red undertones (purple) makes green eyes stand out. Use purple eyeshadow for green eyes to catch all the attention when going out.

4. Gold

Gold is in the same family with peach, however due to its glamorous appeal, we thought it deserved to be higher up on our list. Gold eyeshadow not only makes your eyelids sparkle, it will also brighten up and add dimension to your green eyes. We recommend to complement the gold eyeshadow with some smoky, dark eyeliner underneath the eyes for added contrast.

3. Charcoal

Looking for a smooth, seductive look? Look no further, charcoal eyeshadow for your green eyes is the answer. Charcoal eyeshadow is perfect for directing people’s attention directly at your eyes by making them stand out. The darker cousin of Smoky Silver, charcoal is perfect for a night on the town with your girlfriends. Not to mention, charcoal eyeshadow is perfect for blending with other colors and shades of gray.

2. Green

Who said you can’t wear eyeshadow the color of your eyes? Green eyeshadow matched with green eyes is a beautiful combo for a monochromatic look. Green eyeshadow gives your eyes a soft and natural look, making it perfect for sunny weather and weekends. Don’t forget to add a little intensity to your look by running a dark forest liner around your upper and lower eyelids.

1. Beige

Our top choice for eyeshadow for green eyes is beige. This subtle choice doesn’t distract from the green in your eyes therefore making it a perfect option for any occasion. Just ask any green eyed diva, like Kristen Stewart, and they will tell that beige is a must have for any green eyed fashionista. In addition, adding darker shades, like tan and brown, can add a little spice to your look, making it perfect for a romantic evening.