Eyelash Extensions to spruce up your look

eyelash extension complete guide

Everyone loves having glamorous eyes that readily catch attention at first sight. Eyelash extensions are the ultimate choice for those who wish their lashes appear thicker, longer yet natural. Thin and small lashes can become visually longer with semi-permanent lash extensions. They look absolutely natural and nobody can easily notice they are artificial. True favorite of most celebrities, these lashes are totally addictive. Eyelash extensions are gaining popularity because these can instantly transform your eyes and make them more prominent.

Extensions are made with single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are replica of natural eyelash. Their curved shape makes them appear like natural lashes. You don’t have to wear mascara with them because these are already curled and thick enough to give glamorous effect. Although, some women like using water based mascara, which is fine.

Eyelash extensions are safe to use

The best part about lash extensions is that you can comfortably wear them while swimming, exercising, sleeping and in shower. It means you don’t have to remove them before any activity. These don’t interfere with your regular routine work if you use them carefully, as directed by experts.

Smaller eyes appear more open, wide, welcoming and attention-grabbing with artificial lashes. Whether you are going to attend a grand event or wearing extensions casually for everyday use, these go amazingly well.

Instant results

Everyone can make small lashes look longer and thicker using eyelash extensions, which work almost instantly. No need to wait for hours to let them give desired effects. Brighten your eyes in seconds and enjoy compliments.

Get services from experts

Make sure you choose certified, licensed and experienced eye lash extension specialist for perfect results. This is a tricky task that is best done by experts. Avoid doing experiments on your own especially when you are applying them for the first time. Because of carelessness or inexperience, glue can irritate eyes or strands of lashes can break off.

Variations in eyelash extensions and How long does it take to apply

There is an array of lash extensions to choose from. You can wear mink, silk or synthetic lashes. Mink eyelash extensions are highly popular because these are made with real fur and are softer than other types. They take more time (about 1-2 hours) to set because of fine fibers. Even with heavy volume, these are natural-looking. Nothing can be more glamorous for your lashes than mink extensions.

Synthetic lashes are made with acrylic and are less glossier than mink lashes. They stay firm and hold their curl quite well. These are suitable especially for those with naturally dense and healthy lashes.

Silk and mink lashes are perfect for women having weak and fine lashes because these are slightly lighter and can easily relax across the lash line. Silk lashes are available in variety of shape and curls to suit different lashes.

Wear eyelash extensions for dramatic look and enhance beauty of your eyes. It’s all about what you feel comfortable in and what looks most beautiful on your eyes.