Eye Shadow Application – Types and Tips

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Many a times we see beautiful eyes that have been done up badly. In most cases, the culprit is bad application or bad choice of color for eye shadow. If you are looking to bring out contours of your eyes, eye shadow is your friend in need. From simple to bold, from natural to colourful, eye shadow helps you choose your look and execute it with aplomb. If it is not a part of your make up bag, you must seriously think about adding it to your armoury.
Eye shadow application is much like artwork. You can use your upper eyelid as canvas and indulge in a milieu of color creation. Best method would be to use a very light shade of eye shadow like a foundation. This can be applied from lash line of upper eyelid to brow. A medium shade on lower half of eyelid followed by darkest shade on upper half, can give amazing depth to the eyes. This is only a primer, depending upon the make-up you are going to wear, you can choose from a variety of combinations to make your eyes look big, small, seductive or glamorous.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

There are women bestowed with wide set eyes. Eye shadow is a wonderful tool to make your eyes closer to each other. This is easily achieved by laying emphasis on inner corners of eyes.

Use of a damp brush or an applicator can work tremendously to intensify eye shadow color. So if you want intense looking eyes, use an applicator for applying an eye shadow.

Before applying eye shadow, dab some powder under the eyes to catch falling particles of eye shadow. After application, this can be brushed off with a soft brush.

There may be instances when you feel that choice of color to be too intense. You can tone this down by using face powder or foundation sponge.

Use of a damp make-up brush will help achieve long lasting and crease free eye shadow. Damp make-up brush will not allow application to dry and stray powder particles will be absorbed by it.

Types of Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is essentially available in two forms, powder and cream. Both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. Which one to use is really a question of your personal preference. Cream formulation is easy to apply. All you have to do is use it uniformly over the eyelid and you are done. There is no fear of powder particles. On the other hand, if worn for too long, cream application tends to wear off or forms creases. This can be over come by use of a damp brush while applying or setting it with a translucent powder.

Powder eye shadow has a greater staying power but you have to be precise in application. Older skin will do better with a powder application, as cream will clearly bring out wrinkles.

Applying Eye Shadow Tips

When choosing eye shadow color, you must bear in mind that dark colors are used to deepen hollow features and light colors will make your eyes stand out.

If you are keen to use bright colors in your eye shadow, ensure that rest of your make-up is in tune with it.

There is a lot of difference in what you see in palette and actual application. The colors may not be as intense actually as they appear in palette. Bear this in mind when choosing a color.

Brown or navy colored eye shadows best complements blue eyes. For green eyes, khaki and brown shades work wonders and make them stand out. Those bestowed with brown eyes, can choose between all shades of brown and mahogany. Grey/green eyes can be accentuated by brown shades.

If you wear glasses, be careful about the type of eye shadow you wear. Corrective lenses meant for short vision, can magnify your eyes. So unless you have naturally small eyes, you must wear muted shadow so that it is not accentuated. On the other hand, if you are long sighted, lenses will make your eyes look smaller. In such instances, you must choose a shadow that enhances your eyes.

Dark eye shadows make your eyes look smaller, so you must use it judiciously. Eyeliner must be worn on lower lashes.

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