Easy Tips For Smokey Eye Makeup

Blue eye shadow

The right eye makeup can make a woman look sexier and sophisticated. One of the best ways to achieve such a look is by creating a smokey eye effect, and your eyes will surely captivate anyone. Many women are actually put off with the idea of applying smokey eye shadow since the process seems to be difficult. However, there are now plenty of techniques and tools that can help any woman get that alluring look. Let’s get it started.

Know the right tools of the trade

This is where the magic starts. Using the right makeup tools will help you get the look you want, and by creating a smokey eye effect, you will need the right brush, which is a domed eyeshadow brush. You will also need a fluffy brush, sponge applicator, concealer brush, and as well as Q-tips, and makeup remover in case you experience any mishaps.

You also have to have the right set of makeup and make sure to choose the right color palette. Use a loose eye powder for easier application, and you will also need a pitch-black eye liner, eyeshadow primer, and concealer.

Choose your colors

Any color combination can be used to generate that smokey eye effect but just ensure that these colors complement each other. The classic smokey eye can be created with the use of black, gray, and brown. If you want mysterious smokey eye makeup, it is best to stick to the darker colors.

If you have blue eyes, you can work with gold or copper tones, while brown eyes will pop out with navy or gray tones. If you have green eyes, you can pick plum or gray tones to make your eyes look more appealing.

Once you have chosen the best color palette, you can then begin applying the concealer under the eye area and all around the top lid. Next step is to line both the bottom and top rims using an eye pencil. You may also use liquid eyeliner by placing small dots on the lash line and just follow the dots to form a perfectly straight line.

Apply the darker eye shadow with the use of an applicator, brush, or Q-tip. Smudge the area carefully and make sure that you do not overdo the process. The next step is to apply a lighter shadow in a neutral tone using a large eye shadow brush. Cover the entire eye area using soft strokes and slowly graduate to the outer area for that blended look.

Use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover if in case there are any creases. To complete your look, do not forget to curl your lashes to make them stand out.

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