Wear An Earring That Can Bring a New Trend

Earrings for Women

Fashion has experienced various modifications right from the day humans started giving importance to it. Right from the top to toe, everything in the body of a person has experienced a change in the name of trend. While some look awkward, there are still some other things that has made people go awestruck and follow the same. Some of the trend usually starts with one gender and the other gender soon follow it by which time the people who start it would usually be fed up with.

But there are still some other types of trends and fashion that is deliberately followed by a few just in order to captivate the other gender’s attention, at least for a moment. One such trick up the sleeve used by the women is earrings.

Though there are even men who use it, it is for the women on which it looks even more captivating. Thus, women tend to accessorize themselves well when it comes to jewellery and especially earrings. It gives them the distinct feel of getting noticed by others even when present among a group of similar girls but without an earring. There are several kinds of earrings for women that they can use which is also available in different materials.

Types of earrings

sterling silver hoop earrings for women

Girls can make use of the different earrings that can be found in different sizes and shapes and also in different materials. The simple and still the most preferred type of earrings for women is the hoop/loop type. They are closely present to the ear lobes which can even make them look prettier.

This can not only look the girl pretty but also make them feel covered rather than a bare and pierced ear lobe. People can even make more than a single piercing on other parts of the ear such as the helix and rook. But the one jewel type that fits all category is the hoop type. There are different types of materials that can be used to make an earring for hoop-styled earrings.

The hoop design can either be a button-type or a clip-on type for getting attached to the lobes of the person. People choose the material type based on different factors, such as their geographical locations, the event for which they wish to wear the earrings, the money needed to be spent on the ring, among various other factors. While people down in the Asian continent mostly prefer gold material, people from other places might even prefer silver or plastic.

But one type that can suit for any person and for any event is the sterling silver hoop earrings, which are cheap and yet trendy compared to other types. You can check more interesting things about sterling silver hoop earrings check out our article on Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings for Every Occasion and Attire!

Latest trends

tragus earrings

While the lobe was the only place that a woman used for piercing their ears, they have created quite a stir in the fashion stands in recent years by having multiple piercings in various parts of the ear. One such trend that is catching everyone’s attention is the tragus earrings where women can use some earrings that can be compatible in the tragus region of the ear of that person.


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