Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Many ladies have sensitive ears and this has become serious source of concern for most of them. If you are among these ladies, just know you are about to read earring tricks that can enable you to wear your choice earrings without worrying yourself.

Reasons why your ears are sensitive to some earrings

Your ears are sensitive to some earrings because of what is known as metal allergy or intolerance. A very common skin allergy is nickel allergy. This is because nickel is found in almost every day items such as cell phone, jewelry, eyeglasses, coins and zippers.

Redness, rash, itching and swelling are some of the symptoms of metal allergy. Take note: if your skin gets cracked or blistered, take off your earrings and consult a doctor for treatment in order to prevent infection.

Most of the times, people who suffer from metal allergy show symptoms after wearing inexpensive earrings or costume jewelry. This is because these items contain high concentration of nickel in the parts that hold the earrings to the ear. So, if you are allergic to metal, you may be having issues wearing inexpensive earrings or costume jewelry. Don’t worry, there is always a way out of this mess.

Earring tips for sensitive ears

For ladies who experience severe allergic reaction when wearing some earrings should see their doctor for treatment. This is to prevent infection.

  1. Plastic earring covers are simple solution to your sensitive ears. Plastic earring covers are plastic sheaths that prevent earring post from coming into contact with your skin. With this solution, you may not need to ditch your existing collection of earrings. The only problem with this solution is that it makes the earring post thicker and may cause difficulty when fitting the earring into your earlobe. Please do not allow the plastic cover to be too long.
  2. You can also choose to cover your earring posts with nail varnish and allow the coating to dry very well before wearing your earrings.
  3. Another trick is that you can replace your earrings wire hooks with non metal allergic materials.
  4. Another useful solution is what I call the Neosporin solution. Neosporin helps to calm down the pains and can take care of any infection you got as a result of metal allergy. All you have to do is to apply small quantity of Neosporin before you wear your earrings. With this solution, you can wear your favorite earrings without fear! Gently rub small quantity of Neosporin all over the pierced area of your ear, including inside the earlobe. Apply the remaining quantity of Neosporin on your earring post. After this, you can go ahead and wear your earrings without fear.

How to care for your sensitive ears

Your sensitive ears need pampering in order to be pain free! You have to choose earrings that do not contain metal to which you are allergic to. You should always remove your earrings once you notice allergy. Also change and clean your earrings often so as to avoid infections. You can use warm water to wash your earrings too. You should always wash your hands before touching your earlobe and your earrings. You can always choose to go out without earrings in order to give your ear space to heal if you already have symptoms before reading this article.

I hope these solutions are helpful.

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