How To Get A Dyed Red Hair

Dyed Red Hair

A dyed red hair is one of the hottest trends nowadays and there are many reasons why people do so. For one, redheads are among the rare type of classification in people as they are outnumbered by brunettes and blondes. With famous people like Hayley Williams, vocalist of Paramore, it has been associated with rock and punk subculture. Furthermore, it looks good on certain people; especially those with white complexion.

If you want to get you hair dyed, here are some of the things that you need to remember when doing so.

Wash your hair one to two days before drying

After you do, avoid hair products as much as possible. The reason for this is that you will want you natural oils to come out and this makes the dye easier to bond to your hair. Avoid conditioning your hair the night before you dye because it will make your hair slippery; hence, the goal of a dyed red hair will not be achieved.

Set the bleach

Bleaching is important if there is a certain shade of red that you will want to achieve. This is because the whiter the base color of the hair is, the closer your hair will be to the color that you want. Make sure to get the bleaching mixture right.

Protect yourselves

One of the things that you need to protect your hair from is the stain; hence, you might want to cover your shoulders when you dye. Also, it will be wise to use gloves because it is extremely difficult to remove the stains on your hands. It takes months usually to remove those stains.

You should also coat your hairlines, ear and neck because these areas are exposed to the dye. You could use a lip balm or a conditioner to do this. If there is a coating included in the hair dye package, use it. The advantage of you doing this is that you could remove the coat much easier.

Mix your dye

You should follow the instructions on the package. Adding too little or too much might lead to different colors. Unless you are an expert at dyeing your own self, it might be wise to follow everything to the letter.

You should get a bowl for this in the case that the package does not include one yet. Make sure that it is something that you do not use anymore or something you could readily throw away as the dye contains some harmful chemicals which will mean that it could not be used for food consumption anymore.

Apply it on your hair

To start with, you should use a hair brush because it will distribute the dye more evenly. Many people recommend testing the color on a strand first so that you could adjust the hair dye after. Many people recommend sectioning your hair first to make the dyeing more manageable. To get the best look, start applying the mixture on the roots first.

Do this to get dyed red hair now.

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