Coffin Nails in 2023 – All you need to know

Coffin Nails – What are they?

Coffin nails became super popular about two years ago and people are still loving them! Edgy yet classy in shape, these long nails are show stoppers. They’re like stiletto nails but flat on the end.  Some people say they are different than ballerina nails but we don’t think thats the case. Both coffin nails and ballerina nails are longer nails with a flat edge at the tip.

What is it about coffin nails? We can pin point why we love them so much but they really do have a special aesthetic to them. Plus, since you can make them any color or pattern that you like, it’s easy to make these as casual or fancy as you want.

Because of how long these nails typically are, they are often done using fake nails.

Are you thinking of getting coffin nails? Check out our favorite ones below!

Coffin Cute Acrylic Nails

1. Hypnaughty Matte White Nails

These white nails are a perfect style for a fancier occasion! Being matte gives them an extra leg up on the competition (who doesn’t love a good matte?!) You can get these in a variety of colors but the white ones are our favorite!

You don’t have to worry about the sturdiness of these. They are perfectly shaped to fit and you won’t have to worry about them falling off.


  • We love that they’re matte
  • Perfect for a dress up occasion
  • Perfect fit everytime


2. Morily Pink Nails

These are great for an everyday nail but can also be a fancier option. Basically, they can go with anything! We love how long they can last if you put them on correctly. For best results, put them on with clear gel and UV light – they’ll last for weeks!

Our one complaint? The rhinestones don’t last quite as long as the nails themselves do.


  • Fancy occasion? Casual occasion? These will do!
  • Long lasting nails
  • Rhinestones might fall off a little earlier


3. Black French Tip Nails

We LOVE these black french tip nails! A classy, yet edgy fire design – we just can’t get over it. Everyone’s had a white french nail before, but the black tips take it to a new level. They are so unique and easy to use that you cannot go wrong with these. Don’t worry, they’re also durable.

These are so well designed because the fire design doesn’t start at the tip. You can trim them down as much as you want without losing the design.


  • Black french tip nails? So chic!
  • The fire design gives is a nice edge perfect for any occasion
  • Easy to trim yet also durable


4. GLAMERMADE Blue Marble Nails

These ocean blue marble nails have accents of gold in them and we just can’t get enou

gh! They are so gorgeous and they’re not just available in the blue marble. The best things? They’re easy to put on and they can last for weeks. You’ll look like you just walked out of a salon when you have these nails on; they’re real show stoppers!


  • A salon look from home
  • Comes in different marble colors


5. Hypnaughty Glitter Gold Nails

Gold nails – the perfect color for a fancy event. Add glitter and you’ve got yourself some stunning nails and that are going to make everyone else jealous. We love that each nail is different, yet similar enough to blend in with each other. It’s the perfect combination of classy and unique.

And like all the other coffin nails that we have loved, these too are super strong and sturdy. These gold nails might just be our favorite overall!


  • Classy, fancy, unique
  • Super durable
  • Our favorite!!


6. Obmyec Rose Nails

How cool are these? Everyone is going to ask where you got them! They have a pattern of rose print all over. You can cut these down as much as you want to make them your own since the pattern is repeating. We thought these were the perfect style to give a casual outfit a touch of sass.

The let down for us was that they are not as durable as all the others we have loved. 


  • Awesome rose nails pattern
  • Gives a casual outfit a little spunk
  • Not very durable



There are a variety of coffin nails that you can get. With so many options from casual to fancy, coffin nails can be worn for any occasion!





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