Different Ways To Transform Your Brown To Blonde Hair

Brown To Blonde Hair

There are different hair colours around the world; from black, ash gray, red and brown. But what causes hair having different colours? Why some hair is brown and others black? Human hair is a pigmentation of hair follicles; eumelanin and pheomelanin are responsible for the shades and colours of our hair.

Hair colour is part of your identity, celebrities often seen in different hair colour because they see it as part of their fashion and they look more glamorous. Right hair colour can add a big confidence and enhance your mood and create your personality.

Most colourists and experts find most women picking the wrong colour of their hair. You must consider your first your skin tone and secondly your eye colour. Always pick for colours within two shades, the lighter and the darker colour than your skin.

Blonde hair seems to be the famous “white chic” hair because it emphasizes your inner girl power. There are many perks of being blonde like men are into blonde haired girls. Blondes are perfectly cool especially under the sun because it creates a magnificent effect on your hair, we can see the highlights and lowlights, shades and colours. Also, blonde hair is perfectly well with candy colours such as purple, pink, green, yellow and orange! So if you are planning to change your hair colour in blonde consider this guideline.

Want to transform brown to blonde hair?

Transforming from brown to blonde hair can be a bit tricky process but of course many of us love to try it! There are two option of process on transforming your brown hair to blonde; you can do it by;



Hair colouring is the practice of changing from brown to blonde hair can be achieve by putting chemical formula and oxidizing agent that will help you change your colour. On transforming your brown hair to blonde, you need to prepare these things.

Prepare sprayer with a mixture of lemon juice and water.

Spray the solution in the part of the hair that you want to transform in blonde, make sure that the solution is sprayed evenly to hair.

Expose your hair into heat, a blow dry or the sunlight make sure to put SPF lotion on your skin. Repeat this process every 2 to 3 days and maintain it with moisturising hair products.

For hair colouring pick the shades from ash blonde to blonde. Mix your hair colour with the right amount in a mix bowl.
Using applicator brush start colouring your hair 2 inches below the scalp and brush it down until it reach the tip make sure colour mixture is distributed evenly to avoid uneven hair colour. Repeat the process, rinse and condition the hair.

Hair bleaching is the process of hair changing colour by using blunt chemicals to literally kill the keratin of our hair; keratin is the agent that makes our hair appear darker. Bleaching is highly discouraged by most of hair experts because it severely damages our hair making it brittle, dry and dull.

Bleaching and colouring can be quite hard on your hair and if you’re looking for a more natural way of lightening your hair check out our article on How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair

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