Blue eyeshadow- the boldly exotic look

Blue eye shadow

Blue Eyeshadow is a girls best friend who can resist dazzling blue eyes on a night out! There are so many shades of blue eyeshadow available, you could use a subtle soft baby blue eyeshadow during the day. By night you could use a dashing metallic blue eyeshadow with a glitter shimmer eyeshadow effect! Blue eyeshadow is a must have for any girls makeup case, whether your a clubland diva, busy mum or office chick blue eyeshadow is definitely for you!

There are so many blue eyeshadow brands available on the market, whether your looking for glitter blue eyeshadow, metallic blue eyeshadow, deepĀ  blue, glossy blue eyeshadow, powder blue and many more. Blue eyeshadow is this seasons best colour, which explains why it is everywhere! There are blue eyeshadow reviews in all the glossy magazines, stars are wearing blue eyeshadow on the red carpet, Blue eyeshadow is so popular this season.

Why don’t you experiment using blue eyeshadow? Maybe blend a few shades of blue together to create the perfect colour effect!

Below we have put together a few basic guidelines to consider when applying your blue eyeshadow

  1. Blend those blues – Use a mixture of dark and light blues to create the perfect look, perhaps use darker blue eyeshadow on the eye lid and a darker blue blended jus above the lid.
  2. Eyeliner – Accompany that sexy blue eyeshadow with a blue eyeliner, there is no need to use black eyeliner as this will be too dark for your eyes.
  3. Don’t go too high – The last thing you want to do is make your eyes look too receded, if you go too high above the eye with your blue eyeshadow you are in danger of loosing the desired effect, it is best to keep to the crease line
  4. Don’t 100% colour match your outfit with your blue eyeshadow – The last thing you want to do is look like a pair of curtains! It is a good idea to perhaps go a shade lighter or darker blue which will enhance your outfit not blendinto your style, After all you want people to notice your look.
  5. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral – Your eyes should be the focal point for your makeup, therefore let your eyes be dazzling blue yet keep the rest of your face makeup neutral. Otherwise you run the risk of being too over powering with your makeup and look like a clown. Nude lip colour with a gloss over is a perfect accompany to bold blue eyes

Above we have covered the 5 do’s and don’t when it comes to applying blue eveyshadow, we hope you find them useful when applying your favourite colour.

Blue eye shadow – Application Tips

Applying makeup correctly is an art, it can be difficult to create the perfect look you, whether you are attempting to follow your favourite icon’s makeup style, or indeed creating your own personal look it can be difficult to get your makeup just right. This page is full of hints and tips on how to create the perfect look using your blue eyeshadow – Or any eyeshadow colour.

1. The secret to long lasting blue eyeshadow – User a primer! Primers set the perfect base for your eyeshadow that will ensure long lasting blue eyeshadow performance. A primer base will also make it easier to apply your eyeshadow on top as it creates a smooth finish to your eye lid creating the perfect foundation to smooth on bursts of blue eyeshadow creating a flawless effect.

2. Blend your blue eyeshadow – It is important to blend your eyeshadow together, for instance when applying blue eyeshadow it is essential to use a light eyeshadow for the base, a highlighter for the crease area and of course the main blue eye shadow on the lid! The important thing is to ensure all three colours are blended correctly start with the lighter colours and go darker, blending the three colours together using a flat ended brush to create the perfect look.

3. Don’t go too high – When applying eyeshadow remember not to go too high, as this can be overpowering making your eye look receding – A good guide is not to go above the crease line.

4. Keep the rest of your makeup light – It is important to use neutral colours on the rest of your face, that way attention is instantly drawn to your eyes, your eyes will be the focal point of your look, who can resist dazzling blue eyeshadow! Use a nude colour on your lips with a gloss over the top, a hint of pink blusher on the cheek bone and of course beautiful blue eyeshadow emphasizing your eyes. Too many colours can clash and leave you looking like a clown, best to be subtle don’t overdo it.

5. Don’t match your eye colour with your outfit – You don’t want to end up looking like a pair of curtains! Ensure your outfit is a different shade to your blue eyeshadow.

6. Make sure your eyebrows are shaped – To ensure you get the very best from your blue eyeshadow it is important to ensure your eyebrows are shaped nicely. I often go to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed and shaped, I cant bear plucking my eyebrows, I find it too painful and I can never get the same results that I get from the salon. A well shaped eyebrow will enhance your blue eyeshadow creating the perfect look.

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