Choosing the Best Powder Foundation

Best Powder Foundation

Foundation is one of the most important cosmetic products for every girl. It covers the unevenness on your skin, particularly on your face. However, choosing the best powder foundation is quite hard since you have lots of options. If you want to get the right foundation for your skin, then you should do the following tips.

Know Your Skin Tone

There are different types of skin tone. There are cool skin tone, warm skin tone and neutral skin tone. If you want to know the type of skin tone that you have, you need to check the color of the veins on your wrist. If you have a cooler skin tone, the color of your veins is blue. If so, you need to get a powder foundation that has a rosier color.

If the veins on your wrist are green, then you have a warm skin tone. For those who have this skin type, you need to get a foundation that has a yellow or golden base.

Neutral skin tone has an equal number of blue and green veins. This type of tone is very ideal since you can wear any shade of foundation, lipstick and eye shadow.

Know Your Skin Needs

Apart from skin tones, our skin also has different needs. There are oily, dry, oily-dry, mature and acne prone skins. For oily skins, you need to look for a foundation which says “oil free” or for “oily skin.” A matte finish powder is also considered as the best powder foundation for oily skin.

For those who have dry skin, you need to look for a makeup that has a moisturizer. It adds glow once you apply it on your face. Look for a foundation that contains glycerin as it can hydrate your skin.

If you have both skin conditions, you need to know if your skin is oilier or drier. But if you are unsure about your skin needs, choose a cream-to-powder base foundation. Go for a foundation which contains minerals as it complements all skin types.

For aging skin, you also need to look for a foundation that has a moisturizer and an SPF. UV rays can damage your skin, especially if you are always exposed to the sun. But if you apply a foundation that contains SPF, your skin will be protected from the harshness that the UV rays give.

Acne prone skin is the most sensitive type. You need to choose carefully which foundation you should choose. If you have an oily skin, you need to buy a makeup that is also oil free. Select a foundation which says “non-comedogenic” on its container. It will reduce the chance of getting breakouts on your skin.

Get the Best Powder Foundation

Now that you know your skin needs and types, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect foundation. You don’t need to experiment since you already know what you are looking for. But if you want to make sure if the color that you will choose is perfect for your tone, you should buy these from malls and not on the internet so you can try the product before you buy it.