15 Best Nail Hardeners & Strengtheners in 2023【All Brands】

It is not easy to keep your nails healthy. With a little care and by using some nail strengtheners, you can achieve this milestone.

Just like your body needs to be relaxed, so does your nail care. Here, you will get to know the prime hardener that can provide a relaxing effect on your nails. You might have tried a lot of nail hardener gel after seeing many hardener reviews. If you have not found the one that suits your nails then, this article will surely help.

Things to consider before buying:

Every hardener has different ingredients that are suitable for different skin types. So, if you are looking to get the product of your choice then, have a look at this buying guide. It will help you choose the product that can help your nails.

Identify the problem with your nails: Before starting the treatment of a patient, a doctor diagnoses that patient to identify the problem. In this case, your nails are the patient and the hardener is a doctor. You need to go to the right doctor to get the right treatment. If you are a guitarist, you can not afford to have weak nails. You need to use the prime hardener for guitarists i.e Sally Hansen’s prime hardener. The premium Sally Hansen hardener takes care of your weak nails by making them hard and strong. So, before buying a hardener, identify the problem with your nails. 

Best Nail Hardener 2023:

Here is the list of top nail hardeners that are available

Sally Hansen strength hardener
10 [Editor's Choice]
Sally Hansen good color hardener
Nail AID hardener Keratin Growth Clear
Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 Treatment
Nail Magic Conditioner 
Quimica Alemana hardener Strengthener
Quimica Alemna Esmalte Endurecedor Hardener
Nail Magic Fingernail Hardener Conditioner
Nail Tek Strengthener Damaged 2 Pack
 Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System

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1. Sally Hansen strength hardener

Why this product?

  • This hardener protects your nails from breaking.
  • The ingredients used in it give strength to your nails.
  • Using it will make your nails healthy again. 
  • It will bring a new shine to your nails.
✅Prevent nails from damaging.❌Not the best base coat.
✅Helps them grow beautifully.
✅Hardens your nails wonderfully.

2. Sally Hansen good color hardener

Why this product?

  • This hardener offers a beautiful shine to your nails.
  • After applying this as a base coat your nail’s color looks natural.
  • It is available in different attractive shades.
  • It makes sure that your nails grow stronger. 
✅It is a healthy polish for your nails.❌This is an expensive product.
✅It has an adorable smell. 
✅Available in beautiful colors.

3. Nail AID hardener Keratin Growth Clear

Why this product?

  • This hardener builds your nails healthily.
  • It eliminates the breaking of nails. 
  • It helps your nails become hard and healthy.
  • Applying it to your nails will let them grow longer.
✅It helps your nails grow faster.❌Might not work for everyone.
✅It stops your nails from breaking. 
✅It helps in rebuilding your nails. 

4. Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 Treatment

Why this product?

  • This hardener helps in improving the health of your weak nails.
  • It makes sure that they become flexible and strong.
  • It protects your nails from the painful stage of peeling. 
  • Using this hardener can turn out to be a healthy treat for your nails.
✅It improves the thickness of nails. ❌Can be harmful to sensitive skin.
✅A perfect formula for stopping nail-breaking. 
✅It helps in nourishing your nails. 

5. Nail Magic Conditioner 

Why this product?

  • This hardener provides strong and natural nails. 
  • It makes sure that your nails are away from splitting.
  • Its formula ensures that your nails become perfectly hard.
  • It also improves the strength and health of your nails.
✅Helps in repairing damaged nails. ❌Using it on brittle nails can cause problems. 
✅Excellent nail hardener and conditioner.
✅Reduces the breaking of nails. 

6. Quimica Alemana hardener Strengthener

Why this product?

  • Using this hardener will strengthen your nails.
  • It makes sure that your nails do not peel or break.
  • Using this hardener will encourage the rapid growth of your nails.
  • It is like a manicure treatment for your nails.
✅Fills the skin and ends cracking. ❌Can cause discomfort if you are using it for the first time. 
✅Make your nails smooth.
✅Avoids nail chipping and splitting. 

7. Quimica Alemna Esmalte Endurecedor Hardener

Why this product?

  • This hardener protects your nails from chipping. 
  • Using it will provide you with naturally long nails again.
  • It makes sure that your nails are strong again.
  • Having it will save the money that you spend on manicures.
✅Encourages nail building. ❌It can cause pain or burning.
✅Provides smooth and flexible nails.
✅Lets you have long nails. 

8. Nail Magic Fingernail Hardener Conditioner

Why this product?

  • This hardener strengthens your weak nails.
  • Using this product will harden your nails like never before.
  • It is a good solution for your damaged nails.
  • It beautifies your nails and makes them attractive.
✅Make your weak nails strong. ❌It is a flammable product.
✅Help you get rid of splitting nails.
✅Take care of brittle nails. 

9. Nail Tek Strengthener Damaged Nails

Why this product?

  • This hardener is the cure for your damaged nails.
  • It ensures that your brittle nails are being protected well.
  • This product is a good solution for your cracked nails.
  • It is an effective hardener for your nail issues.
✅A protector of your nails.❌Can cause an allergy to sensitive skin.
✅Take care of your growing nails.
✅Provides a natural shape to your nails.  

10. Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System

Why this product?

  • This hardener can improve the health of your nails. 
  • It can help you in getting strong and long nails.
  • It acts like a doctor for your weak and damaged nails.
  • Using it will ensure that your nails grow well.
✅Grow your nails in the best way.❌Quantity is less in a bottle.
✅Restore your damaged nails.
✅Can be applied to nail polish as well.  

Bonus Section


This article has discussed the best nail hardeners with excellent results. The hierarchy followed tells about the top 15 hardener products. The first one is our recommendation as it has provided excellent results to all the users. You can also try others that are mentioned in their respective order. Try getting the first one, if not then, the remaining ones to achieve the results you are seeking. 

Buying Guide

If you are going to use a hardener for the first time in your life then, you might not understand which one to have. This is for sure because there are a lot of products in the market that promise to be the best. Before wasting your money on different hardeners. You need to understand the problem with your nails.

Pick the right hardener

Picking the right nail hardener is very crucial. This can only be done if you know the exact problem with your nails. Once you know the problem with your nails, you will pick the best clear hardener for them without a second thought.

Weak nails can peel, split, and break away at any time. Different hardeners are available for these types of problems. Plus, if your nails do not grow healthily, there is a hardener for better growth as well. Make sure that you choose the one that promises to solve your nail issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they work?

Yes, these products have provided excellent results when used correctly.

Are these products suitable for peeling nails?

Yes, they can provide relief and help the nails grow stronger. 

Where to store them?

Put them with your cosmetics, (the best place is your dressing table).

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