Best Makeup Primer Guide for your Skin Type

Best Makeup Primer

Most of women doing it wrong when it comes to putting makeup, they didn’t prepare or prime their skin before putting foundation and conceal. Facial primer is very essential for a high definition make up and of course for caring for your skin. It may be in form of cream or lotion where it can improve the coverage throughout the day with re-touching.

There is a wide variety of primer available in drug stores such as lip primer, eye primer and foundation primer, but the most common we used is the makeup primer we apply it before applying anything on our face in the process of doing make up.

Facial primer also aims to moisturise our skin it can also absorb the oil depending on its content, you must see the ingredients and look for salicylic acid. Salicylic is the “oil absorbent”, to give our skin a matte but not dry finish.

Some facial primers doesn’t have fragrance, some are oil-based while others are water-based. There is also mineral-based facial primer which contains silica and mica. There are also primers that contain SPF; this is to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays which is very harmful to our skin. Facial primer results the smooth and flawless application of foundation and eye shadow.

Best Makeup Primer for Different Skin Types

Oily Skin

– Oily skin is considered as the worst skin type of all so you must know how to handle your misfortune. Oily skin is quite resistant to most types of facial care products. Your face parts such as nose cheeks and forehead are the most visible part because it becomes so greasy, Yay! You have the unfriendly large and open pores and breakout easily. In this case, choose primer which makes your skin look matte, a mattifying primer. Look for the silicone for the ingredient, this will result to a matte finish for your make up and it also fills up your open pores.

Dry Skin

– Dry skin feels so itchy at times with flaky and patchy texture. While oily skin has large pores, dry skin has smaller and finer pores. Expert says that the smaller and finer your pores the more you age easily and your worst problem is dullness. Look for primer with silicone-free formula and highly moisturising agent.

Normal Skin

– Normal skin is said to be the luckiest of all skin type. Normal skin is very elastic and flexible and not seen with visible oil and patches. Some think that if you have normal skin you don’t need to put on a primer, but putting a best makeup primer will make your make up perfectly perfect! On choosing a primer, pick for primer that has lighter formula sans silicones, this is enough to cover little wrinkles and few open pores.

Combination Skin

– Combination type of skin is the combination of dry and oily. Some parts are oily like the nose forehead and cheek but some parts are flaky. Pick for best makeup primer with a thicker formula that can manage to fill open pores and hide oily spots at the same time.