18 Best Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners in 2023【Reviewed】

Your eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of your body and the first thing people notice in you. If you want to captivate people, you need to do something unique and protective with your eyes. A great way to make your eyes stylish is to give them a rosy look and smoky eyes. If you buy a new eyeshadow palette, you have noticed that it drop every week. So purchase something good is necessary for a beginner.

For new makeup lovers, it is rather hard to apply makeup and takes much time to master. So buying a new pick will be intimidating for a newbie. But, if you remain successful in purchasing the right one, you have the job of eyes makeover done.

Following are the types of eye shadows you need to know about before buying:

  • Powder eye shadows​: The most famous type is Powder eye shadows in the market. You will find it in tins and pressed forms. For beginners, It is the top makeup kit and very easy to apply. As a fresher, you can use it on the eye with an applicator brush or sponge. It is easy to blend and build up coverage, thus considered significant for all types of applications.
  • Mineral powder eye shadows: These are loose pigmented formulations and apply easily with any non-static applicator and a kabuki brush. Primarily, this type is used for solid coverage and highlighting. For a day or night application, this eyeshadow type is considered great.
  • Cream eye shadows: Cream eye shadows come with very thick textures and a heavy formulation for long-lasting coverage. But it needs a special makeup remover to clean or wipe off your face. You can apply it with a sponge or an applicator brush and a clean finger. It contains more solid and bolder colors than powder forms. The top feature is it can also be used as eyeliner.
  • Pencil eye shadows: Like pencil eyeliners, these are encased in a wooden stick with thicker tips. Such eye shadows are easy to store, very portable, and very easy to apply. You don’t need of brush or any applicator sponge. If you want to blend in, the clean finger is a great way to smudge them. Overall, Pencil eye shadows offer perfect touch-ups and long-lasting coverage.

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners 2022:

For your ease, our team has collected the top eyeshadow palette for beginners 2022. These top makeup palettes are more user-friendly, contain wearable shades, great textures and easy to remove. These 12 products will be a great addition to your makeup collection. Have a look

UCANBE Pretty 86 Colors Eyeshadow Palette10 (Editors choice)
Ecvtop Eyeshadow Palette & Makeup Kit9
L.A. Beauty Eyeshadow8.5
Highly Pigmented Eye Palette7
EYESEEK 45 Shades Eyeshadow Palette8.5
2Pcs 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette8
UCANBE 15 Pcs Eyeshadow Palette7
Almay Smoky eyeshadow palette7.5
35 Colors Eyeshadow Palette8
Green Eyeshadow Palette7
Pro 35 Colors Glitter Eyeshadow Palette7.5

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1. UCANBE Pretty 86 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • The kit has a Compact case and travel-friendly size that you can take anywhere.
  • The silver packaging is attractive enough that you can offer it as a gift to your girlfriend and wife and loved ones.
  • All chemicals of eye shadow are cruelty-free.
  • Eighty eyeshadows are enough for you to try any type of style.
✅Wide variety of 80 eyeshadows
❌Two contour shades may not work great.
✅Multi-purpose makeup kit
✅Two highlighters and two contours
✅A versatile array of color options

2. Ecvtop Eyeshadow Palette and Professional Makeup Kit

What we love it

  • It is not a simple eyeshadow; you can use it for many tasks like five colors of lip gloss and one color of face powder, much more.
  • The 20 rich eyeshadow colors offer you a wide variety to choose from.
  • All materials used are safe for the skin.
  • Every color leaves a shiny look on your face.
✅Five colors lip gloss
❌Too bright colors
✅Two colors blush
✅One color face powder
✅One color concealer

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3. L.A. Beauty Eyeshadow

What we love it

  • It is Dimensional multi shimmers
  • The Smooth mattes of Eyeshadow
  • The Highly pigmented colors are skin-friendly
  • Its Magnetic case contains a mirror and double-sided eyeshadow applicator.
✅Very affordable
❌A lot of fillers
✅No cheap chunky glitter
✅Decent staying power
✅Workable pigmentation

4. Highly Pigmented Eye Palette

What we love it

  • This Eyeshadow is Inspired by beauty trend
  • It can flatter all type of skin tones and eye colors
  • The kit offers a wide variety of styles like matte, metallic, satin, and foil
  • A palette for multi tasks- contour, highlight, create a natural look and a great epic makeup looks
✅A complete travel eye shadow collection
❌Some colors are fade
✅Professional pressed powder shadows
✅Soft, smooth mattes and shimmery colors

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5. EYESEEK 45 Shades Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • EYESEEK 45 shades makeup palette has a soft and smooth powder texture,
  • It offers high pigmented, long-lasting colors that are easy to blend and enhance the beauty of your eyes.
  • Each color of 45 the matte eyeshadow palette is a fascination and creates a unique look.
  • Waterproof and sweatproof shadow colors have long-lasting stays on all day for perfect makeup.
✅Suit for sensitive skin
❌Very few users say that not blend perfectly
✅No flying powder
✅It comes with a brush as a gift

6. 2Pcs 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • These great palettes offer fine material that’s good for sensitive skin.
  • You can apply it for wet or dry makeup.
  • Its great packaging makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • The company offers an eye shadow brush as a bonus for great blending.
✅Great price
❌Some colors are extra solid
✅Best color choices
✅Luxurious glossy look

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7. UCANBE 15 Pcs Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • This Beauty product is ultra Pigmented and Cruelty-free.
  • Its features are Versatile and Multifunctional uses.
  • Makeup is easy to layer and blend.
  • It is suiting both for makeup beginners and professional makeup artists.
✅Travel-friendly compact case
❌If you find it broken, customer service quickly changes it.
✅The most gifted eyeshadow set
✅A versatile array of color options

8. Almay Smoky eyeshadow palette

What we love it

  • If you want to enhance creative design on your eyes, Almay smoky is an excellent choice.
  • The products are ophthalmologist tested.
  • 16 hour wear time is rarely offered by everyday eye makeup
  • It is specifically designed for gorgeous blends
✅Use on all skin types
❌Some colors are orangish
✅Luxurious lavender haze

9. NYX PROFESSIONAL Shadow Palette

What we love it

  • 16 high-performance eyeshadows offer great creativity
  • 1-inspired shades provide rainbow colors
  • All colors are long-lasting
  • Overall, a great shadow kith to give you a stunning look.
✅Mesmerizing finishes
❌Stained for a long time on your eyes, so somewhat hard to remove
✅Great for professionals
✅Bright and Smokey Highlight

10. 35 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • The eyeshadow colors are waterproof.
  • Diamond packaging design makes it a great gift.
  • It is great for makeup artistry.
  • It will be a great addition to your makeup collection.
❌Rather hard pigments
✅Highly pigmented
✅Easy to blended
✅Certified cruelty-free

11. Green Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • Highly pigmented green Eyeshadow has Long-lasting and Rich color power.
  • It gives you Day to night look stunning look.
  • It will be a Beautiful selection of blendable.
  • Different colors offer a dramatic look.
✅Subtle looks
❌Colors cannot be blended with a different palette.
✅Offer shades for gorgeous contrasting
✅Great gift for our lovers

12. Pro 35 Colors Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

What we love it

  • 35 Eyeshadow Palette offers Long-lasting colors.
  • It comes with Velvety Soft and Frosted Covers.
  • While applying, you will feel a super creamy texture.
  • Highly pigmented shadow is Easy to be easy to blend.
✅35 colors
❌Some customers say that odd texture.
✅14 mattes
✅17 soft creamy shimmer
✅Four large glitters

Bonus Section


We have described all features of the top eyeshadow palette for beginners in detail. We are assured that our recommended top eyeshadows will help you create a stunning design on your eyes at different occasions, parties, weddings, holly, and much more. Our recommended eyeshadows are chemicals-free and budget-friendly, so beginners and experts can try them without hesitation.

Buying guide

If you are new to the makeup world, you may want to search for top eyeshadow palettes, and our buying guide will help you find the top product.

What are eye shadows?

While eyeliners serve to define the eyes, eye shadows are a way of great character. These are cosmetics applied on the eyelids to bring attention, but the main task is to appear attractive. Eye shadows are a unique method to making the eyes charming, especially its shade that complements a girl’s eye color and make them appear larger. Women are moody and want to look different every day, and eye shadow is a great way to give you a different look.

Why eye shadows come in palettes?

Eye shadow palettes are the top way for such cosmetics users if you want plenty of shadow options. Nowadays, many ordinary eye shadow palettes are available in the market then. Which one is better? We noticed that such cosmetics are not too practical. Here we will discuss the types of eye shadows; you will choose the ideal one to meet all requirements of makeup lovers.

Types of eye shadow

There are many types of eye shadow, and we will describe some premium types here. These general types will help you to find the great for your needs. Have a look

  • Powder eye shadows​
  • Mineral powder eye shadows
  • Cream eye shadows
  • Pencil eye shadows
  • Liquid eye shadows

Liquid eye shadows

Liquid eye shadows are complicated to apply; thus only makeup professionals can use them. You can apply it with an applicator brush because it is like a painting task on canvas. For blending and paint on base colors, Liquid eye shadows are also better, but these are not portable.
Give your eyes a Perfect Finish.

The top eye shadow palette offers great finishes in one kit or palette and saves your money. You can try a finish according to your mood, but a silky and matte finish is best for office use and the shimmery and glittery finishes of eyeshadows are great for the party.

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