16 Best Brands of Nail Polish in 2023

Wondering what the best brand of nail polish is?

I decided to answer that question myself and tested every famous nail polish brand I could find.

 Ie have compiled the list of the best-rated nail polish brands that offer high-quality nail polish, which you must check.

Best Brand of Nail Polish 2023:

The list below has all the top brands of nail polish; you can check and purchase your ideal choice according to your requirement.

Brands & ProductsRating
UNT Peelable Base Coat10 [Editors Choice]
Beetles Gel Nail Polish8
Gellen Gel Nail Polish8.5
Essie Nail Polish9
OPI Nail Lacquer7.5
Lavender Violets nail polish8
VENALISA Gel Nail Polish8
MEFA 23 Pcs Gel Nail Polish9.5
CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish7
Vishine gel nail polish7
SecheVite Dry Fast nail polish8
Aibrit 23 Pcs Gel Nail Polish7.5
Young Nails Nail Primer7
duriRejuvacote nail polish base7
Elite99 No Wipe Top Coat7

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UNT Peelable Base Coat

Why we love it:

  • Peel off nail polish brand
  • Non-glue based
  • Top-quality nail polish
✅It has a shimmery finish.❌Difficult to peel of if your nails are not oiled properly
✅Perfect to use for beginners and adults❌It can chip easily
✅Easy to apply
✅Dries quickly

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Beetles Gel Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Has most of the winter shades
  • Perfect gift set
  • It contains LED nail polishes as well.
✅Affordable❌The pigment is not the best.
✅It does not leave a stain on the nails.❌It Will require at least three coats.
✅Perfect quality shimmery nails

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Gellen Gel Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Available in pastel tones
  • Long-lasting up to 2 weeks
  • Highly pigmented
✅Easy to apply gel nail polish❌Has limited shades
✅Long-lasting and durable
✅Does not chip

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Essie Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Perfect gift set
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy to apply
✅Long-lasting and does not chip.❌A little expensive
✅Customer choice for the pigment and quality

Sally Hansen Nail polish

Why we love it:

  • Protects your nails
  • Vast collection and options
  • Beautiful colors
✅Affordable❌Chips easily
✅Best quality nail polish
✅300 shades available

OPI Nail Lacquer

Why we love it:

  • It lasts for a week or more.
  • Easy to remove
  • Multiple shades available
✅Various pink shades available❌It does not have pastel and fall shades.
✅Easy and smooth to apply

Lavender Violets nail polish

Why we love it:

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Ideal for home use
  • Easy to apply
✅A vast collection of colors❌Sticky
✅This nail polish is nontoxic.❌It does not dry quickly.
✅Long-lasting option

VENALISA Gel Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Led Nail polish set
  • For professional and home use
  • Easy to grip and apply
✅Available in a greater quantity❌It can chip easily
✅Helps with easy application
✅Protects the nails

MEFA 23 Pcs Gel Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Glossy nail polish collection
  • Perfect and smooth to apply
  • Perfect for nail art
✅Long-lasting❌Not the quickest to dry
✅Smooth consistency
✅For professional use

CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Contains vitamin E
  • Smooth consistency
  • It does not require multiple coats.
✅Not toxic and harmless❌The actual color is different from the image on Amazon.
✅Perfect for strong nails
✅Infused with jojoba

Vishine gel nail polish – Color Changing

Why we love it:

  • It comes with all the manicure accessories.
  • Has the best quality
  • Led drier available
  • Color changing
✅Good quality❌Not a lot of nail polish shades available
✅Nail polish shades are pastel.

Seche Vite Dry Fast nail polish

Why we love it:

  • High-quality clear topcoat
  • Easy application
✅Perfect quantity❌A little expensive
✅Protects nails
✅Easy to use

Aibrit 23 Pcs Gel Nail Polish

Why we love it:

  • Multiple options available
  • High-quality choice
  • The varied range of colors
✅Affordable❌Not for professional use
✅Perfect gift
✅Easy application

Young Nails Nail Primer

Why we love it:

  • Ideal for taking care of the nails
  • It can be used on acrylics and get nails.
  • Perfect nail primer
✅Easy application❌A little expensive
✅It contains keratin for healthy nails

DuriRejuvacote nail polish base

Why we love it:

  • Top-quality base coat
  • For home and professional use
  • Easy application and dries out fast
✅It does not require a lot of coats.❌Clear base nail polish
✅Ideal for acrylics and gel nails

Elite99 Matte Top Coat

Why we love it:

  • Led gel base coat
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy-grip
  • Matte
✅Healthy for nails❌Limited options available
✅It does not stain nails.


The above list of the 15 amazing brands of nail polish will offer you the best options that you can consider when you are planning to get a top-quality nail polish that is long-lasting, you must check the above list. Make sure you are checking the other features listed in the buying guide to ensure you are not getting the wrong shade and low-quality nail polish.

The best options and brands include Gellen, Sally Hessen, Essie, and many other brands. But make sure you are collecting the diversified shades according to your requirement and look for the smooth consistency so you can apply the nail polish smoothly.

Buying guide

What to consider when getting the nail polish?

Find out the few features that are important to consider when you are purchasing nail polish. Make sure you check all the features below.


Quality is the most crucial feature that you can not forgo. Check the quality, composition, and ingredients to ensure the nail polish is high quality. You must check the reviews for the quality of the nail polish.


The brand of nail polish is essential to consider. Especially when you are using nail polish in the salon, you must make sure that the quality and the brand of the nail polish are top notch to ensure your customers are happy. For home use, the brand still matters a lot. Also, check the brand availability and the popularity of the nail polish.


Price is another factor to consider. When you are getting the nail polish, you can check how much the individual nail polish cost and the nail polish set cost. If the set of nail polish is economical, you know what you consider.


The consistency does not have to be super runny or thick. It is essential that the nail polish has spreadable consistency so you can apply the nail polish smoothly.

Available colors

The collection of shades also matter. You must check if the brand has the pastel shades or not. You must also check if the brand has fall shades and other bright shades or not.


Most brands offer nail polish that is long-lasting for up to 3 weeks. Even if your nail polish is not lasting up to 21 days, you still need the nail polish that can last two weeks and does not chip. If it is not long-lasting, you will have to sit down and fix the nails now, which can be frustrating.

How long does it take to dry?

The faster the nail polish dries, the better it is. So, look for the nail polish that is quick to dry and does not take a lot of time.


What is the best nail polish?

Looking for the best nail polish that is of high quality and top-notch? Well, the Gellen nail polish is just the perfect choice to get. You can use it at home and professionally as well.

What is the best brand of nail polish?

For starters, we can say Sally Hessen is the best choice when looking for the best brand of nail polish. This best brand is long-lasting and perfect for home and professional use. You can find some other incredible options in the list above. Make sure you check the color range and look for the quality of the nail polish as well.

What is the best salon nail polish?

The Essie Nail polish is a famous brand that is liked by most people. It is used professionally and perfects for salon use as well. You can find out some other high-quality nail polish options and the list of the 15 perfect brands of nail polish.


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