Adore Titanium vs Platinum [Which Is Better?]

We can see different hair color trends almost every other day in the fast pacing fashion world. From trendy, vibrant colors to various shades of silver and grey, we can see people coloring their heads with every color that we can think of. Whether men or women, everyone has jumped into the hair colors escapade, and titanium and platinum are some of the most trendy hair colors. Adore titanium hair dye is an excellent option if you want to keep up with the trend of platinum hair and get the perfect tones. Not only that, but if you’re going to try out the famous platinum tones, you can get adore platinum blonde and get yourself into the exciting competition of craziness.

Here is a comprehensive guide on Adore titanium and platinum hair colors to help you decide what will suit your personality the best. So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss our two-star hair colors for today.

Adore Titanium Review

Adore titanium hair color gives you a striking silvery grey hair color with various icy blue and purple undertones. Titanium hair color gives you a decent yet attractive and trendy look, and it is way cooler than you thought. Also, if your hair is not naturally as light, you will have to bleach them to get the desired color that comes with the consequences of high maintenance. But the excellent color that comes with it makes the maintenance struggle worth it. This adore titanium review will help you efficiently in your decision.

Adore titanium is a semi-permanent hair color that provides your hair with excellent hues of silverfish grey with a little bit of mixture of blues and purples in the most natural way. It also gives your hair a shiny and healthy look as it comes with a variety of raw materials and proteins. You will get unique and radiant hair color and fit, manageable, and shiny hair with this color. It is free of all harmful chemicals, making it a preferable option if you are looking for a similar shade and tones of color. You can have to go through a adore titanium 155 before and after to check what type of hair color you will be getting and if it comes up to your expectations or not. 

Adore Platinum Review

Now that we have discussed adore titanium hair color, it is time to get acquainted with adore platinum hair color. With the popularity of various silver grey shades of hair color, platinum hair color has also become quite popular. Adore platinum hair dye gives you shades of pewter grey or gunmetal. It works efficiently on bleached hair or hair with a pale tone. As is the case with all bleached hair, you will have to retouch it frequently and take more care of your hair if you want the color to last and keep your hair healthy. Adore platinum blonde gives your hair a lighter metallic and ashy color.

Adore Platinum 150 is a semi-permanent hair color that provides your hair with luxurious and luscious hair color. It gives your hair a natural-looking yet resilient hair color that adds up to your hair’s personality. Moreover, it also helps keep the hair shiny and healthy as it is composed of natural ingredients, oils, and proteins. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that might pose a threat to your hair. You can look into an adore platinum before and after to understand better. 

Comparison Chart

Features Adore Titanium Adore Platinum
Color type Semi-permanent  Semi-permanent 
Undertones  Icy blue and purple  Pewter grey and gunmetal
Requires bleaching Yes  Yes 
Composition  Natural ingredients  Natural ingredients 
Requires touch-ups  Yes  Yes 

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Adore produces various trendy hair color series that help you achieve the hair of your dream. You will find both adore titanium and platinum hair colors within this series. Also, if you are wondering is platinum better than titanium, you must read the similarities and differences given below;


One of the significant similarities between these colors is that they are semi-permanent.

Greyish Hues

Both colors give your hair gray-ish and silvery hues with slightly different undertones.

Natural Ingredients

All adore hair colors are made out of natural ingredients and proteins to ensure that your hair remains healthy and shiny. 

Requires Bleaching

In the case of both hair colors, you will have to bleach your hair to a lighter blonde or pale color first, or else you will not get the desired results. Therefore, you cannot color adore platinum on brown hair or vice versa.

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The only difference between adore titanium and platinum hair colors is listed below


Adore platinum gives icy blue and purplish undertones, while the undertones of platinum are more blonde and metallic. Titanium is more of a proper grey than platinum. 


To keep up with the latest trends, it is essential to keep your hair color up-to-date. Whether it is adored titanium hair dye that you want or platinum blonde, you must go for it while you can. Hair is one of the most prominent parts of your body that displays your personality so let your calm nature speak through it. 

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