18 Best Holiday Nails

Holiday Nails

Holiday nails are the perfect way to feel festive during any holiday. Whether you are going to a fancy party or a fun holiday festive, you can find so many different options. Below are our favorites for different holidays.

Christmas Nails

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with some Christmas nails? From red and green to snowflakes, there are so many options you can choose from. Check out some of our favorite cute Christmas nails below.

1. Aceorna long red Christmas nails

These nails are so gorgeous. With long ballerina tips, the designs on them come to life! We especially love how there are multiple patterns – each nail gets to look unique. These are press-ons that are sure stop the show!

Cons? You may want to grab some nail glue because as cute as they are, the adhesive pads they come with don’t work so well.

2. Adurself Christmas decals

These are so wonderful because they are stickers that you can add to ANY nail. Thats right! Paint your nails your favorite holiday color: red, green, gold, etc, and put an Adurself Christmas decal on. We specifically love how many options there are. From a classic snowflake look to a playful, joyful Santa, there are so many options to create any look you’d like. It’s the perfect option for a kids party or a fancy holiday occasion.

3. Angmile Holiday colored gel

Angmile holiday colored gel nail polish is a great way to get a classic holiday look that will last. This is the perfect nail for a fancy holiday party. In addition, it comes with enough color options for you to do a combination of colors; it’s the perfect gel Christmas nail.

Con? You’ll need a UV light to cure these. You can find them at Walmart or on amazon.

4. Christmas Water Transfer Decals

These are so unique and cool because you can get intricate designs that look like they were created on your nail. Unlike some of the nail stickers, these adhere to the nail better and create a really neat finished product.

Hannukah Nails

1. Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry has some great options if you like nail wraps. They are an easy way to get a complex nail design. We love this pair in particular because it is such a simple design, yet it’s perfect for any holiday occasion.

Cons? Jamberry nail wraps can be somewhat difficult to apply. If you have some time to figure them out, though, they can look amazing and give you a perfect look for whatever occasion you need.

2. Daydream Society Nail Stickers

Just like the Christmas nail stickers, these are the perfect way to create a customized unique look to any color. Simply paint your nails whatever color you’d like and apply a nail sticker. These stickers have a cartoon theme about them which make them so adorable for a casual nail.

Easter Nails

1. Beetles Gel Nail Polish

This is a simple gel nail polish…but in pastel colors, it can create a perfect Easter nail. What makes this gel even better is that it’s not as difficult to get off as normal gel polish is. Simply soak them and they come right off. The other thing that make this so great is that with so many colors, you can have so many options!

2. Press-on Nails

When we first saw these, we melted! They are so cute! There is a blue option and a pink option for these adorable bow and bunny nails. What makes them so unique is that they have 3D features.

Cons? You’ll want to use a different nail glue with them if you plan on wearing them for a few days. Don’t sweat! You can get it on Amazon.

3. TailaiMei Nail Stickers

Once again, we have nail stickers! We just can’t get enough. They are the perfect way to create a unique look while staying festive. What’s great about these is that they really last. You can wear them as long as your nail polish lasts!

Valentine’s Nails

1. Valentine’s Press-ons

Press ons give the best option for nails with designs. It’s so much simpler than trying to create the design on your own. These particular Valentine’s nails have such a cute heart design on an accent nail. It’s unique and festive!

2. Warmfits Holographic Nail Glitters

Nail glitters are such a fun way to create a new look. These come with many options you can use. And

you can mix and match them, create an accent nail with them, or get creative and come up with your own idea! You canpick your under polish color and customize away!

3. Beetles Valentine’s Color Gel Polish

Beetle’s has a gel nail polish pack for just about every holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We love love LOVE the colors they have in this pack. The perfect shades of pink and glitter.


Thanksgiving Nails, Fall Nails

1. TailaiMei Nail Decals

You know we had to find the perfect nail stickers for every holiday. These are our favorite for Thanksgiving time. There are so many different options to choose from. What we love most about these? This pack multi-functions for fall nail decals as well. You can find enough different options in this pack to make use of it for at least a few months.

2. Beetle’s Gel Nail Polish

I know, I know…we’ve added Beetle’s gel polish as one of our faves for every holiday. That’s because we just can’t get enough. They really do have a color pack for every time of year and Thanksgiving/fall is no different. Red, orange, yellow, and glitter – need we say more?

3. Thanksgiving/Fall Nail Decals

These immediately caught our eye when we were trying different nails. There are so many cute designs that can customize nails for a wide variety of personalities. Perfect for a little turkey nails design!

Cons? We didn’t like the feel of them. They didn’t give that ‘nail polish’ feel. If you just want a cute, festive design on your nails with little work involved, these are perfect for you!


Halloween Nails

Who doesn’t love spooky season!? Pumpkins, ghosts, witches…so many different icons that are significant of the season and no ways to go wrong.

1. Beetle’s Halloween Polish

Of course we have to put our favorite polish in the list. Cute halloween colors make for the perfect polish during the spooky season! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a fancy party or a casual costume party, these are the perfect holiday nails.

2. Kalolary Nail Polish Sheets

Spiders, ghosts, monsters, pumpkins….so many cute designs that just scream Halloween! Easy to use, too!

Something to keep in mind for these? You’ll want longer nails. The patters get cut off on shorter nails.

3. Kiss imPRESS Halloween Nails

These are our faves! The candy corn pattern is so cute! No more needs to be said!

Cons? Like most stick on nails, you might want to get some glue for them since the sticky part doesn’t work so well.




Fun, festive nails are one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit. Whether its Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving, there are so many options! These are our favorites but there are so many different designs and types out there that can transform your hand into the ultimate decoration!

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