Difference Between Olaplex vs Redken【2023】

Olaplex vs Redken

If your hairs are experiencing their worst phase in terms of damage, hair fall, split ends, and being porous then this is the right time to go for the treatment which is indeed affordable and easy to approach. Keeping in mind the demand and comfort of customers there are two different shampoos’ that match your needs which are Olaplex shampoo and Redken shampoo. The solution also brings confusion along with it, which is to either go for Olaplex or Redken. It is important to make the right decision because one wrong turn and oops, now your problem is doubled, unfortunately. And treatments nowadays can cause a big deduction from your monthly salary and it can prolong for months. So, why waste money on treatments when there is an easy way to pick the right formula in terms of shampoo by just going through the article below. 

Yes, the following writeup is going to introduce basic facts about the shampoos in terms of their formula, pH, and percentage of the compounds used in the manufacturing of the products. It will help you understand the differences between both products and give you a clear perspective about which one is better for your hair type.

Olaplex vs Redken Comparison

Product Olaplex  Redken 
Sulfate concentration 4-6  4.5-5.5
Paraben concentration 0 0
pH bonder  0 0
pH level  Treatment with 8 steps Treatment with 3 steps

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Olaplex showcase

For the damaged hairs, Olaplex repairs the hairs by providing strength to the weak strands of hair by increasing the elasticity of hairs which ultimately leads to less breakage of hairs. It is suitable and beneficial for all types of hair whether you are having dry or frizzy hair or straight or curly. It is for day-to-day use as with each wash it gives your hairs a healthier texture and moisturizes them.

There is a total of nine types of Olaplex products that have been launched now, the one we are discussing is OLAPLEX Maintenance Bond Shampoo N°4 250ml, which comes in gel texture and its formula is all based upon single-molecule (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate), this molecule helps in restoring disulfide bonds.


This restoration helps in the stability and hair structure to reform. The respective formula of the shampoo contains no sulfites, gluten, parabens, nuts and any of the ingredients is not from animals. As we move on to discussing the key ingredients it contains and their purpose.

Firstly it consists of water we all know is “Universal solvent” and it is for dissolving all the other compounds. 


Olaplex how to apply

The fragrance is also present for the pleasant smell. As we consider the other side of the story we see that there are complaints about the products after use results which are that hair feels sticky and tacky. Most customers have the issue that they felt their hair dry and it seems difficult to blow dry them.

On an economic basis, we say it is quite expensive to use for a person and according to the public view other companies are copying the formula giving the same result in less price which doesn’t give Olaplex any edge. But in most reviews, it is considered to be worthy enough for its price and most customers considered it to be irreplaceable.

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Redken, on other hand, initiated the competition with Olaplex in terms of quality, quantity, prices, and most importantly its after-effects on hair. This shampoo is formulated with Redken’s strength complex which consists of Arginine Amino acid and Citric acid. It helps to remove the brittle nature of hairs and gives them a shiny, soft, and moisturized appearance.


It consists of Argan oil which balances the number of lipids present in your hair which ultimately gives a buttery touch to them. This shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free which helps to keep the color of your hair locked for a long time and it also depends on amino ions and amino acids to make your hair look vibrant. Now you can keep your hair blond for as long as you want because the Redken formula proves to be best against the brass and by toning out yellow for the color to remain. The shampoo is formulated with volume-boosting compounds and molecules, some are siloxane, latex polymer, and softening polymers.

Give your hair the volume you desire. For the humid season, it is formulated with equatorial and Brazilian pracaxi oil to lock moisture so every day is a good hair day

Removes all the impurities

With time, our environment and surroundings are getting more and more polluted so Redken contains micellar water which acts as a magnet that with its magnetic power removes all the impurities from hair. This will give your hair a 24/7 fresh and bouncy look. If you fear losing your perfectly balanced curly after shampooing then here is the solution by Redken, its quality of high foam light-weight cleanser always gives your hair a defined look, and in addition to this, it also sustains the attribute of low foam moisturizing cleanser, which control frizzy hair and more softness. 


If we consider the pros and cons of this product then according to many reviews of customers, stylists, and salons, we concluded that it is the most suitable one to be used despite its high prices which are worth it. It is suitable for not only all hair types but all types of environments. They exist in many categories according to their specific usage.

It is best in terms of using a heavy product that causes great damage, meanwhile, for people with a sensitive scalp, there is an option of Mint shampoo by Redken. Redken, fortunately, understands their customers’ issues and comes back with perfect solutions. As compared to Olaplex it is also silicon-free which gives Redken shampoo more edge

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