Nail Stamping For Beginners 【How-To Guide 2022】

Have you always wanted to match your dress, your mood, or even the occasion with a good nail design? Have you tried doing so, but does it seem like, art is not really for you? If your answer to all of the questions is yes, you just have to get the design you want by stamping your nails.

What is nail stamping?

Nail stamping is an innovative and modern nail art technique that involves transferring cute designs to your nails using a nail stamper. In this process, nail polish is applied onto a metal stamping plate that has your desired designs engraved on them, The design is then applied to your nail by using a nail stamping tool.

This process has been getting quite popular for the past few years. It makes it easier for the people that love nail art. It is less time-consuming and does your job with perfection. You do not really need anything, any artistic ability or a steady hand, but a stamping plate and nail polish. You can create any kind of design on your nails if you have that particular design on your stamp plate.

Nail stamping is one of the most convenient ways to do perfectly designed nails for people with less artistic ability. Although stamping would require practice to still get used to, for some, it is still easier to do compared to those who really create figures and pictures by painting nails.

Nail Stamping Tips and Tricks

Who else doesn’t want perfect pretty nails? Nail art is a vibe and unless it is done properly it just seems so irritating. Here I am discussing some of the tips and tricks that will surely help you become a perfectionist in the world of nail stamping. You must have heard; practice makes a man perfect. This is what is in the case of nail stamping.

The more you do it the better you will be in it. Practice, practice, practice till you become perfect. Patience is the key, stay patient and allow your nails to dry completely. After they are dried, apply a top coat and wait till it gets ready for stamping.

This will help you quickly wipe off the destroyed nail art or even if you don’t like the stamp. Use only nail stamping polish, your ordinary polish may not give you the best results, they are so much better to work with and give amazing results. They are a bit on the expensive side but the results are 100% worth it. Lighter colors of polish work better and give you way more options to create stuff on.

Never try to make all the designs equally perfect. You will end up messing with everything. You may play well with one plate of a design while the other may not work the same.  Keep all your stuff ready including stamps, top coat, nail remover, or all the related stuff. This will help you work better and most importantly nail stamping starts getting perfect by the way it is practiced, so try to be the most efficient of yourself.  Especially pay attention as a beginner to these little things they are going to make a huge difference.

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Stamping Materials


If this is your first time stamping, it is recommended for you to start off with a small stamping plate for practice. There are also brands of nail stamps that would provide an entire stamping set, including a specific type of nail polish.

To some, stamping can be learned overnight. However, it takes months before others could get used to it. The most important thing is, you can be a master of such a craft if you consistently practice. You can also try the Best Nail Printers.

Choosing the best stamping polish

The most important thing that you would need to check if you are planning to have the best nail art design through stamping, you need to check your polish collection and check which works best as “ink” to your stamping plate.

Polishes that dry quickly and with thick consistencies are the best option to use for your stamp designs. Less thick consistencies have tendencies to spread out on the plate, making it easier for your rubber stamp to pick up the design. Metallic polishes also work best with stamping.

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Transferring the design

If you have chosen which design you would like to put on your nails, you would need to cover the design with polish. Now, remember, it is better to have more polish than to have less polish since it will dry fast. Once you put the polish, work quickly in scraping and pressing your rubber stamp on the design. Then transfer the design to your nails.

To transfer the design, you have to hold your rubber stamp upside down and let your fingernail roll over the design. If, in this case, this does not happen the way you expected it to be, all you need to do is practice.

Cleaning your stamp plate

Make sure that before you proceed with designing your other nails, you have removed the excess nail polish left on your plate and on your stamp. You can get cotton wet it with some nail polish remover or acetone, and you will be good to go.

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How to do Nail Stamping?

The following steps will surely help you better understand the procedure of nail stamping,

  1. Prepare all your stuff. Put them all together. Take out the design you want to stamp. Choose your stamper accordingly.
  2. Apply the base coat to your nails followed by the desired nail polish. Let them dry properly and then apply a top coat on top of your polish. Using a toothpick or nail polish remover can help you remove the excess of the product from your nails. You can also cover the sides by scotch tape and can remove the tape after you are done.
  3. Apply a coat of the other contrasting desired nail color to your design plate.
  4. Remove the excess product by using a scraper.
  5. Press the stamper onto the nail stamp plate and spin in a rolling motion to transfer the desired design to the jelly stamper.
  6. Stamp onto the desired nail by moving it in a rolling motion.
  7. Use tape in case of removing any stamped polish that got on your skin outside the nail.
  8. Use nail polish remover to clean up your plate before new stamping and after the previous one.
  9. Let it dry, apply a top coat of clear polish. Make sure the topcoat doesn’t disturb the polish and design below.
  10. A clean brush can surely help you to get any stray nail polish off of your skin.

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How to use nail stamping plates?

Here are a few things you should keep in view while using nail stamping plates,

  1. Make sure to remove the blue film present from any brand-new stamping plates
  2. Choose the stamping plates that are made with stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to clean and work with.
  3. Apply a thin layer of stamping polish to your desired design on your stamping plate. Wipe off any excess nail polish with the help of a scraper while holding the scraper at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Make sure your nails are completely dry and ready for some nail art before putting them up for nail art.
  5. Use nail polish remover to clean up your plate before new stamping and after the previous one.
  6. Make sure your stamping plate is clean and in good working condition

Best Nail Stamper Kit

VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set

VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set is considered one of the best nail stamper kits because of the huge choice it provides its buyer. The box contains 10 pieces of nail stamping plates with 60 designs, varying from geometric structures to floral patterns. It comes with a clear jelly head stamper, purple in color to give you hassle-free stamping.

If you still crave to intensify your manicured nails, you could embellish your nails with the black, white, and colorful tiny rhinestones that are included in the package. The kit also contains 5 dual-ended dotting tools, 15 nail brushes, and a gem picker pencil.


  • 60 nail art patterns to design your nails with.
  •  3000 rhinestones included in the kit.
  • Each dotting tool shows up with 2 different head sizes.
  • Nail brushes of different sizes and shapes of the nails.


  •  The rhinestones included in the package may discolor

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Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Kit

Biutee nail stamper kit includes in the box 15 high-quality stainless steel stamping plates offering 250 patterns as a whole, that include mandalas, florals print, geometric patterns, Navajo-inspired prints, and even mini statements like “Thank you so much,” and “I love you to the moon and never back.”

The kit also includes two scrapers, holding cases for the plates, and a clear jelly stamper.


  • Comes with 15 high-quality stamping plates
  • Durable Stainless Steel Stamping Plates
  • 250 Patterns to play with


  • You’ll have to purchase polish separately
  •  The stamper is not very durable.

Stamping for beginners:

Nail stamping is quite beneficial for people who want to get a unique manicure at home without the hustle and money wastage during a salon visit.

Nail stamping is also considerably easy for beginners to use as it helps them explore the nail art game for the first time, and gives them confidence with every use while providing the right tools to make nail art stamping application a breeze for them.

Can we use regular polish for stamping?

Regular polishes can be used for nail stamping, but due to its lighter consistency and not being as highly pigmented as stamping polish, chances are you will end up getting a less striking result.

Due to its thinner consistency, it is more prone to bleeding while the process of drying. So, if you want to get the best nail art done by yourself, you should go for a stamping polish.

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Bundle Monster Nail Stamper

Bundle Monster Nail Mochi Stamper is a Huge, squishy, and sticky stamping station made up of silicon in a plastic base. The stainless-steel stamping plates are high quality and adorable. They come up with a variety of designs to choose from.


  •  Bundle Monster Nail Stamper can do all your five nails at once.
  • High-quality plates


  • Too sticky to properly do the job

Best Nail Stamper Plates

Most stamping plates are made with stainless steel, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. We have mentioned below some of the most loved and durable stamper plates making it easier for you to decide,

  • Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates Set.
  • Ejiubas Double-Sided Nail Stamping Plates.
  • Pueen Nail Art Stamp Collection.
  • Beauty Leader 10 Nail Plates.
  • Makartt Nail Stamp Templates Kit.

Best Nail Stamping Polish

Nail stamping polishes are a bit different from ordinary ones they are specially designed for nail stamping; they are supposed to be with a thick consistency and have more pigment in their formula as compared to regular nail polishes.

  • Twinkled T Polishes, it is a premium brand that generates health-conscious stamping polishes.
  • Biutee Stamping Gel Polishes, Considered as one of the highest quality gel polishes for stamping
  • Maniology Stamping Polishes, it is an ideal stamping polish option for beginners.
  • Born Pretty, they have the cheapest stamping polish combination sets.
  • Pueen Polish, they have the best metallic-colored stamping polish set.
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, one of the regular polishes that can also work nicely for nail stamping.

Where to buy nail stampers?

You can easily get all the above-mentioned stamper kits and nail stamping polishes online on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

How to make a nail stamper at home?

Don’t have a nail stamper? You probably do not need to worry. You can get the advantage of a lot of things around your home to make yourself a nail stamper at home. An eraser can perfectly do the job. Choose a soft and squishy clean eraser, put some polish on the plate, scrape the excess put on the eraser, press and put the eraser on your nail. Clean the eraser before going to the next nail.

How do nail stamps work?

Getting your nails professionally decorated isn’t always practical. It puts up with a lot of time, and maybe quite heavy on your pocket. And why would even go on the pricier side when you have a cheaper solution. Stamping your nails is quite an effective way to keep your nails decorated and done in attractive colors and project them with new designs.

Nail stamps help you decorate your nails with hundreds of choices and you don’t have to pay every time you get them done. This is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Get yourself a quality stamper and durable plates and some stamping polishes and you’re good to go!

Best nail stamper and scraper

The quality of your nail stamper can literally make you lose or win your nail art game. Using the wrong, old, or a bad quality stamper can lead to faulty pickups and messy results. We have mentioned down the types of different nail stampers that will help you understand how to choose the right stamper for you.

  • Pueen Luxury Crystal Stamper Set.
  • Makartt 12-Piece Clear Stamper Kit
  • Born Pretty Bunny Stamper.
  • Maniology Pencil Stamper & Brush Tool
  • Winstonia Jumbo Marshmallow Stamper
  • Konad Double Edge Stamp Set.
  •  What’s Up Nails Clear Monocle Stamper
  •  Born Pretty Holographic Clear Jelly Stamper

Stamping with gel polish

Stamping with gel polish may require you to change some of the steps, we have discussed below detailed process of stamping with gel polish step by step,

  • After getting yourself a complete gel manicure, make sure to remove the tacky layer. Choose your favorite stamping plate, nail stamper, and stamping nail polish.
  • Stamp the image directly onto your freshly manicured nails.
  • Allow the stamp design to dry completely for at least about 5 minutes.
  • Carefully overcoat with a layer of topcoat, making sure to cover the entire stamp carefully.
  • Apply another layer of top coat just to ensure that you have covered the stamp completely.
  • A cleanser or 90% isopropyl alcohol can do your job of removing the tacky layer.
  • Remove the over stamp with nail polish remover.
  • Swipe over your entire nail with a cotton ball soaked in remover. This will help you quickly wipe off the excess without causing any damage to your gel manicure. But still, if you want to stay on the safe side, you can also take help from a non-acetone remover
  • Moisturize your hands and you are done!

We hope this article was effective for you! Do let us know!

Enjoy Stamping!

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