Loreal Preference vs Excellence [Which is Better?]

Loreal offers one of the best permanent hair colors available in the market at present. And Loreal preference and excellence are two different color lines or series of the same brand. So, you can do a little research on Loreal preference vs. excellence hair color to choose what is best for you. Therefore, it is not like you are differentiating between two separate brands offering similar products; it is distinguished between products of the same brand. This can be complicated as both color series are excellently produced with the finest formulas and pigments. So, let’s dig into this informative guide that will clear your confusion on is Loreal excellence better than preference or not.

Loreal Preference

Loreal preference is a permanent hair color that provides a wide range of luxurious and luscious hair colors. The Loreal preference hair color promises to provide full grey coverage with the ultimate shiny look and healthy hair with over fifty different shades available. Moreover, it is long-lasting and remains intact for weeks without causing any unnatural and undesirable tones in your hair.

Loreal Excellence

Now you might be confused about which is better loreal superior preference or excellence, well before digging into their similarities and differences that prove this point, let’s discuss Loreal’s excellence too. Loreal excellence also features a long-lasting formula that remains the same wash after wash, giving you a long time to enjoy your hair color. It also promises proficient grey coverage and shiny hair.

Comparison Chart

Features Loreal Preference  Loreal Excellence
Color Duration 8 weeks 4 to 6 weeks
Color treatment Post-color treatment Pre-color treatment
Application Slightly difficult Easy
Consistency Liquid Gel
Color range Limited Wide
Permanent hair color Yes Yes

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There are fewer similarities between these colors, while slightly more differences. But to provide you with a comprehensive guide on both hair colors to make the right decision, we will start with a few similarities.

Same Brand

Both color series belong to the same brand making them high-quality and proficient. As their manufacturer is the same, you cannot question the quality and excellence of either one of them.

Highly Pigmented

While discussing loreal superior preference vs. excellence, we must not forget to mention that both are highly pigmented.

Cream Form

Whether it is Loreal preference or excellence, both colors come in cream form that prevents any leakage and are less drippy during the application.

Full Grey Coverage

As the same brand manufactures them with the same quality, both colors provide excellent grey coverage.

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It is time to discuss the significant differences between both hair colors so that you can make an appropriate decision depending upon your hair texture and requirements. These differences are listed below with adequate descriptions;

Color Duration

One of the significant differences you find while analyzing Loreal preference vs. Loreal loreal excellence is that Loreal preference lasts longer than Loreal excellence. While Loreal excellence can last up to four to six weeks, Loreal preference has a color duration of almost eight weeks. Therefore, it is evident that if you use Loreal excellence, you will have to touch up your hair more frequently than if you are using Loreal preference.

Coloring Treatments

Whether it is Loreal preference or excellence, they come with some coloring treatments. In the case of excellence, you will get a pre-coloring treatment, while if you choose a preference, you will have a post-coloring treatment. Therefore, if you have damaged hair from bleaching or any other treatment, you should select preference as it will efficiently treat your newly colored hair. It contains proteins and ceramides that make your hair look shinier and healthier. On the other hand, excellence protects the hair dye pigments that make your hair dye last longer.

Application Experience

While discussing Loreal Paris preference vs. excellence, you cannot skip this difference in application experience. Preference requires a good hair coloring experience, or you will end up damaging your hair. Preference can be a little runny that can leave stains on your skin and clothes, which is the main reason you might not apply it if you lack experience. On the contrary, excellence is pretty convenient, and anybody can do it without a problem.

Color Range

Another significant difference between these hair colors is their color shade range. Excellence comes in almost forty-two different shades that help you play with your hair and adopt a rather stylish approach that defines your personality. At the same time, preference has limited shades and mainly consists of basic ones, including black, platinum blonde, mahogany, and ash. If you are wondering, can you mic Loreal preference and excellence? It is totally up to you, but you have to keep the shade in mind that you might want.


With this excellent Loreal hair color preference vs. excellence guide, you might be aware of both color series and their similarities and differences. Whether it is preference or excellence, both are equally high-quality and permanent. Therefore, choosing the hair color that will suit you the best and can fulfill your requirements efficiently is your turn now.


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