Is Salt Water Good For Your Hair? (All you need to know)

A salt water pool, a dip in the salty ocean…you might even make your own at home! Because, yes, salt water can be good for your hair! You’ll want to keep a few things in mind, though, because it CAN be good for your hair….until it isn’t. Read the whole article to find out the pros and cons to your hair meeting some salty water.


Salt Water – Is it good for your hair?

Salt water can actually act as a cleanser for your hair. Helping to remove oils from your hair, it can leave your hair de-greased and clean. Plus, it’s good for your scalp – no more dandruff? Yes please! Check out below our top 5 favorite reasons that salt water can be good for your hair.


1. Salt Water Can Degrease your hair

Salt water can act like a natural shampoo. With all the salt, it can degrease your hair and leave it oil-free for a great feel!

2. Salt Water Adds volume

The salt water can add so many extra nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and selenium. All the extra minerals can lead to hair growth but can also leave each individual strand feeling great and thicker than ever!

3. Reduces dandruff

Dandruff is dry skin on your scalp that sheds, creating that snow-like stuff coming from our heads. With so many extra nutrients in salt water, your scalp is getting so much extra love. It’s being nurtured with all the nutrients which help keep your scalp hydrated and healthy. This means….less dry skin on your scalp and a huge reduction in dandruff.

4. Natural exfoliator

With all the salt in it, it acts ‘rougher’ than using regular water. This can help cleanse the hair follicles which lead to healthier, great looking hair.

5. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial

All the extra vitamins and minerals, in addition to the obvious sodium chloride (the salt) creates an environment that doesn’t allow fungi or bacteria to grow and thrive. This creates a great environment to grow happy, healthy hair!

Cons to constant salt water exposure

You should be careful about constant exposure to salt water. While it can be great and have amazing benefits, if your hair is exposed too often, it can have adverse effects. We talked about how the salt in the water can exfoliate and cleanse the follicles; however, with too much exposure, the water can dehydrate your scalp and hair follicles can get clogged, causing hair to fall out.

With too much exposure, it can dehydrate your hair, leading to more split ends as well.

Be careful with dyed hair as well, as salty water can ruin the color.






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