How to Clean Makeup Palettes? [Easy Guide 2022]

Cleaning makeup palettes are very necessary else it can cause bacterial infections. Research has proved that you need to clean your makeup palette every week to keep it away from dust and dead skin cells. Every time you do your makeup and apply dirty makeup on your face. It will not only damage your skin but will also destroy your makeup palette as well. So here are a few precautionary measures of how to clean makeup palettes and kill all the contagious germs. First of all, make sure to use alcohol. You can make a mixture in a small bottle adding 70%of rubbing alcohol and 30% of water. Micellar water does magic.

It removes all the dirt from your palette. After spraying you can wipe it with tissues and cotton swabs to remove the dirty layer of germs. Make sure to do this regularly and guide your friends regarding the cleaning of makeup palettes. It will be a great help for everyone  

How to clean makeup brushes

  • The first and foremost step is that you need to apply a cleanser to your brush. Use a delicate cleaning agent that is smooth on your brushes and secure for your skin. 
  • In the next step, use lukewarm water to smoothly loosen the item development, and gradually wash the item from your brush. 
  • Next, you need to rub the brush against your palm or some other clean and sterilized surface so that it kills all the germs and bacteria. 
  • Now, put your brush under warm water and rinse it properly. 
  • Now, separate the bristles in their actual shape.  As your brush is likely planned for a particular reason, this progression will guarantee the utility of your tool that it will remain long-lasting. 
  • So the last step is to set it on a smooth surface to dry. Place your wrung-out makeup brush on some clean cloth or towel and wait for it to dry. If you observe this immediately cut the sponge, and discard it.

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How do you clean makeup palettes?

Cleaning makeup palette among clients is a bit difficult but the best and most exhaustive method for cleansing your equipment requires the following steps

  • If you want to clean eyeliner or lip pencils between clients that you need to sanitize them very quickly. Simply take a sharper and sharpen the area that has been used by some clients. After that, you can disinfect by spraying on the product. 
  • If you have lipsticks, foundations and highlighters then you can wipe the used area with the help of an alcohol pad. You can also use makeup wipes for it. 
  • How to clean makeup palettes is easy if you do it regularly or at least weekly. You can simply sanitize blush, contour, or eyeshadow palette by spraying alcohol on it and keeping it aside to dry. 
  • For cleaning lip gloss among clients you need to wipe it with a wet tissue. Make sure to apply lip gloss with a makeup brush and not to apply the original stick-on client’s lips. 
  • For sanitizing eyeliner you need to use spirit added with 30% of water. Once you have sprayed, keep it aside so it can dry. Once dried you can reuse it as all the germs have been killed. 
  • For eyelash curlers, you need to check if there is any liner or mascara attached to them. If there is any mascara attached to it. First, wipe it with an alcohol pad. After that, you can wash it with soap and let it dry. Now all the bacteria and viral infections have been killed and you can easily reuse them again. So now every one of you must have understood the cleaning of makeup palettes.

Sanitize Mascara

Keeping mascara germs free is a tricky thing. You need to sanitize it properly as it is used for the eyes. Most people have sensitive eyes. If you can’t sanitize it regularly you can use disposable mascara and keep your products and eyes safe from bacteria. But if you don’t want to use disposable mascara, then how you can sanitize it is to clean it with micellar water every week.

Try not to share your mascara with anyone and dispose of it after one month. Products that are used for the eyes should be changed regularly to prevent infections. 

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Clean Cream Palettes

Cleaning a cream makeup palette is quite easy. Makeup remover wipes are all you need. Rub it gently on the top of your product and remove the dirt layer from it. If you use the palette yourself then it’s okay if you only wipe it. But in case you share it with anyone then you need to use alcohol pads to wipe the layer that is stuck on the makeup palette to make it free from all bacteria. 


Disinfecting a makeup palette is mandatory as it can lead to various skin infections. Many germs can stick on your makeup palette so to wipe them away you need to clean makeup with isopropyl alcohol. Thus it is very effective and kills all the germs instantly. You can make your own makeup sanitizing spray by adding 70% of alcohol and 30% water. Use this to keep yourself healthy and away from all bacterial and fungal diseases. 

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How to make an eyeshadow palette look new? 

There are various ways to fix your broken eyeshadow palette but in this article, I am sharing a hack that will surely help you out. Make sure to crush all the chunks of eyeshadow in powder form. After that add a few drops of alcohol. Then mix it with the help of a toothpick and place a coin on it to give it a smooth look. You can press the coin with the help of your thumb.

Remove the coin after 5 minutes and you have already fixed your eyeshadow palette and it seems like it’s new.

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