10 Best Toners For Grey Hair To Get in 2023 【RANKED】

The toner for hair is becoming the necessity for keeping or maintaining grey hair shyness, brightness, and freshness. Toner will offer a neat and clean transition toward grey hair color. Plus, using a toner after every two weeks makes the dye brighter and more vivid. So, if you are looking to keep your hair deep grey with a silky smooth touch, keep reading this review to see the best toners for grey hair. This going-grey guide has helpful information to get going with grey hair.

In this, we reviewed ten great toners for grey hair with detailed descriptions. Plus, a brief buying guide makes the choosing process easier for you, and you’ll get the right deal!

Things to consider before buying toners for grey hair:

Serving as a shiner: Yes, always look for the great silver toner that serves as a shine enhancer. Only this will give you satisfying outcomes after applying. But, grey hair demands a more vivid look, so go for a toner that eliminates the dullness of hairs and gives them a new, healthy appearance.

Natural ingredients composition: Yet another major factor is the composition of the toner. As the toner for hair will ensure your hair safety first with its chemical-free design. So go for only that toner enriched with natural ingredients.

Perfectly blend grey: Last but the essential factor is valuable when it comes to color-grey hairs. In this, you have to check whether you have chosen or the product you are looking to choose is capable of thoroughly blending or not? As only this will decide how effective the color is.

Color refresher and corrector: Check first whether you’re choosing an item that holds these two specifications. Color refresher and corrector are the ultimate goals to achieve in the end, so this factor isn’t missed at any cost. The premium toner for natural grey hair will refresh hair color and prevent it from fading. Secondly, a color corrector means it can fix your color problems such as spot pop up, yellow tones, etc.

Best Toners For Grey Hair 2022

Here is the list of top Toners For Grey Hair

BOLD UNIQ Purple shampoo10 (Editors choice) Check Price
Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo, and Hair Toner8.5 Check Price
PRAVANA ChromaSilk Shampoo8 Check Price
Adore Semi -Permanent Hair color8 Check Price
Got2b Metallic Permanent7.5 Check Price
Jhirmack Silver Shampoo7 Check Price

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1- BOLD UNIQ Purple shampoo:

Why do we like it?

  • BOLD UNIQ holds a paraben-free formula that makes it safe to use
  • Its vivid color enhances the hair brightness and freshness
  • It shows fast action that gives an instant result within five minutes
  • The long-lasting property extends the user’s time between salon visits
✅Violet Technology
❌A complete kit is compulsory applying this toner for grey hair
✅Mineral Oil-free
✅Enriched natural ingredients

2- Pantene Silver Expressions Hair Toner:

Why do we like it?

  • Pantene Silver nutrient-rich lather wraps every strand excellently
  • The purple pigment nourishes hair deeply
  • Brighten hair formula works all day for lasting shine
  • Lessen the dullness and get back hair shyness
✅Color-safe formula
❌Sometimes lead to an allergic reaction
✅Healthy in use
❌Not suitable for all types of hairs
✅Easy and effective
✅It helps remove dulling residue

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3- PRAVANA ChromaSilk Shampoo:

Why do we like it?

  • PRAVANA is likable for having vibrant color feature
  • Its lovely scent makes it the great at-home toner
  • Natural ingredients composition add shinning beauty to the hair
  • Its ammonia-free extra pigmented formula provides vivid brightness meanwhile reducing yellow tone
✅Beautiful Color
❌The procedure is too lengthy
✅Apply for 5 minutes
✅Variety of functionality
✅14 shades availability

4- Adore Semi-Permanent Hair color:

Why do we like it?

  • Adore Semi-Permanent innovative shades give resilient shine
  • Its semi-permanent color assures a natural look
  • The chemical-free property guarantees a secure use
  • Exclusive blending serve as an instant result within five minutes
✅Very safe to use
❌The use of a strong shampoo can take away the color
✅Perfectly blends
❌Color fades quickly
✅Color fading rare

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5- Got2b Metallic Permanent:

Why do we like it?

  • A cream consistency color form lead to hair’s multi-dimensional metallic look
  • It works ideally both for bleached blonds and light blondes
  • Its anti-fading effect lasts for several days
  • Serve as a money saver as it comes with a complete accessory package
✅Various shades availability
❌Color fading found
✅Metallic look conditioner
✅All accessories included
✅The vivid color look to the hair

6- Jhirmack Silver Shampoo:

Why do we like it?

  • Jhirmack comes in a variety of impressively colors and shades
  • All-natural ingredients composition make it safe to apply
  • Its vivid color add hair shyness and make them more striking in appearance
  • Its easy usage formula serves as a time saver
✅Easy to apply
❌Claimed as for all shades isn't proved as the toner for grey-white hair
✅For all hair shades
✅For all hair shades

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Bonus Section:


No doubt, the prime toner helps maintain hair brightness by lessening dullness and increasing shyness. Besides, yellow tones reduction will make them likable. Certain toners also enhance hair health due to their chemical-free composition, like the premium pink toner. So while choosing to find the right shade with a low or no-chemical design, always go for the premium one, which will not only gives brightness to the hair but, at the same time, it will ensure hair health.

Buying guide:

Assuredly, a grey toner prevents the hair from yellow tones and enhances shyness. However, while choosing sometimes, it becomes tricky to pick a perfectly suitable hair color and type. For removing this confusion, we highlight some significant factors that you must know before buying premium toner for hair.

Color or shade picking:

Picking the right shade is compulsory to know first before purchasing, as only the right shade will match your hair color and blend with them incredibly well. Purple toner is one of the premium examples here in the case of grey hair. This color toner excellent neutralizes hair brassiness that may cause due to different environmental pollutants or some other factors.


Always check before picking that is it is the premium neutralizer or not? Because only the premium neutralizer will efficiently clean the unwanted tone of your hair. A perfect example is a violet purple toner that diminishes the brassiness and gives your hairs a new shiny look; besides, making them more vivid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the premium toners for grey hair?

All of our reviewed products are highly rated and preferred. Though, Purple Shampoo is the premium toner that is the BOLD UNIQ. It excellently neutralizes brassiness that may cause due to several environmental pollutants. And that’s the reason we mentioned it at the top of the list.

How long is it good to leave a toner on white hair?

Usually, it depends on the brand that which one you go for. A well-reputed brand will care about your time and give its product with minimum usage time. However, white hair generally demands a little more time than other colors, so you have to put on toner for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it.

Is a silver toner a premium option toners for grey hair?

Yes, a silver toner is the premium option toners for grey hair as it holds light blonde shades that effectively serve against yellow tones and brassiness.

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