60s Makeup, 70s Makeup, 80s Makeup Trends

Makeup is ever-changing. We’ve seen so many different trends over the decades that are characteristic to certain times. Looking at a photo, you can tell which era it came from. Below, we highlight the makeup trend differences from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Many sororities and other groups these days throw themed parties highlighting the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These characteristic times make it a fun theme for many occasions.

From a more natural look in the 60s, to a color pop in the 80s, dive back in time with us as we give you the makeup trends from the 60s – the 80.

60s Makeup Trends


This era was characterized by the focus on eyes. Makeup on the face was limited to foundation and just a touch of blush.Even lipstick was kept minimal – nude colored if anything.

1. Minimal face makeup

The idea in the 60s was to only cover up blemishes. They didn’t want to re-create the shape or lines of their face, like we do today. All they wanted was a nice, natural look.

2. Nude colored lips

For lips, it was really the same as the face makeup. They kept it to a minimal so all the attention was on the eyes. Some people preferred to go without lip makeup. Some just chose a very light nude color to still add just a little pizazz.

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3. All focus on eyes

Coming off the 50s, 60s makeup got much bolder. The 60s was characteristic of making the eyes stand out alone. Face and lip colors were kept minimal but eyes had dark, thick liner. Some people added small wings to their liner. Checkout our favorite 60s eyeliner.

Eyelashes? BIG. With all the focus on the eyes, it was big liner, big lashes.  You can go for lashextensions or for a few coats of our favorite mascara.




70s Makeup Trends

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The disco age. The makeup of this era was essentially the same as the 60s. The main difference? A splash of color. In the 70s, people started adding in a splash of color using eye shadow – mainly with light blues. Face makeup was still kept to a minimum but with just a little addition of bronzer. Lips were still a nude color for the most part. This meant the eyes were the real star of the show.

1. The start to face make up

In the 60s, face makeup was kept very minimal and natural looking. However, in the 70s, people started going for that sun-kissed face look by using bronzer. The idea was to create a shape to the face that distinguished the cheeks and made the cheek bones more evident. It was the start to what we use in the 2020s.

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2. Glossy lips

Just like the 60s, the color of lips in the 70s was kept to a minimal – using mainly nude colors. The 70s gave rise to a glossy lip finish, though. Nude lip glosses were popular in the 70s adding in another dimension while keeping focus on the eyes.

3. Big eyes with a splash of color

For the 70s, it’s eyes again! Thick eyeliner and big lashes (top and bottom!), but this time, adding in some colored eyeshadow – specifically blues. In addition, people started to accentuate the winged liner. Not too big, yet, but just a little longer than the 60s.

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80s Makeup Trends

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Ahhh the 8os. Bigger hair, bigger makeup. This era…characterized by color – lots and lots of color. Eyeshadow, lips, and cheeks all now had color on them. This was a huge change from the 60s and 70s where faces and lips were kept more naturally colored. By the 80s, colored eyeshadow had made its debut.

1. Big eyes + color

The big eyes trend doesn’t die just yet. Thick liner and long lashes still stole the show. To change it up, people added color. Blues, pinks, greens, purples, yellows – you name it…any bright color you could think of was used. Even a combination ofcolored eyeshadow was in – like pink on top and blue on the bottom.

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2. Colored lips

This trend was something new. Leading up to the 70s, people only used nude colors, if anything at all. In the 70s, though, colored lips came to life. Light, shiny pinks and bright reds were all the rage. Something that complimented the bright colored eyeshadow.

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3. Face – adding blush

In the 60s, people started to use bronzer. To take it to the next level, people added in some blush to give a bright colored cheek that was a show stopper. Bright pinks and light reds were used. The darker, the better. It was put on heavy and created a distinct color difference at the top of the cheek bone.




60s makeup

Thick eyeliner, large lashes, nude colored lips, and a minimal face.

70s makeup

Thick eyeliner, large lashes, light lips (pink/red), and a minimal face with bronzer.

80s makeup

Thick eyeliner, large lashes, colored lip stick, and colored blush.







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